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In-depth implementation of quality education
The General Office of the Provincial Party Committee and the General Office of the Provincial Government forwarded the "Opinions on Regulating the Conduct of School Operations in Primary and Middle Schools and Further Implementing Quality Education" by the Provincial Department of Education and other departments
"Five strict" regulations
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On June 19, the county's general primary and secondary school principals, bureau officials and cadres participated in a video conference in Nantong to standardize school conduct and implement quality education.
The meeting heard the work report of Miao Jianxin, director of the Municipal Education Bureau. At the end of the meeting, Liu Chongguo, director of the county people's government supervision office and deputy director of the Education Bureau, emphasized that schools should carefully study and understand the spirit of provincial and municipal education administrative leaders' speeches, seriously consider the current work, and ensure that the provincial and municipal requirements for regulating school behavior are implemented.
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