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Methodological guidance
Three Ways of Reading——Combining Recitation, Reading and Combining
Be careful about reading. In addition to studying hard, we still have to learn the Fa. Combining recitation is one of the methods. There are both reading and recitation. The ancients said it well: "Reading a book hundreds of times, you can see for yourself." Read more, think more, read more, think more, you will definitely benefit. But reading without recitation can only be in a superficial state, and recitation is another world. Big writers such as Bing Xin and Qiong Yao read a lot of classic Chinese classics and recited many important chapters. How can some people write outstanding works without rich language accumulation.
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Reading should become a teacher's habit
Teacher, as a special profession, she must make friends with books and develop the habit of reading. This can not only expand their own disciplines and interdisciplinary horizons, meet the challenges of curriculum integration, guide students into the magical world of knowledge in a simple way, but also the teachers' own learning experiences and experiences are of great value and significance to educating students.
Date: 2010-11-02 Views: 8559
The disadvantages of online reading
Many people think that if they are interested in "Internet novels", they will become addicted to them. It can be seen that the Internet has gradually replaced the role of books, and the Internet has become an important part of many people's lives. And this kind of browsing, picture, and entertainment reading has slowly begun to affect our reading and knowledge acquisition methods. The effect of this subtle influence is very serious. Although online reading provides readers with a more convenient and faster way to read, it has a huge amount of ...
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Celebrity Book Recipe
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How to make reading notes
Why do you want to read notes? Because reading notes help to understand, memorize and accumulate information, and can stimulate the ability of creative reading, is an important auxiliary means of reading.
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How to answer the test
First, the meaning and usage of common words in Chinese and real words. The discriminating question types appear, mainly based on real words. Often, the words polysemy, ancient and modern meanings, common leave, and part-of-speech use are examined. It is suggested that these four aspects be systematically organized. Note the notes under the book.
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