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Rudong County Experimental Middle School Students' Borrowing Book System
1. The school library borrows money from the open shelves. Students will always receive "Book Position Cards" with their badges and choose
Books, then go to the borrowing desk to check in, check for broken or missing pages, find problems, and
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Rudong County Experimental Middle School Electronic Reading Room Management System The electronic reading room provides teachers and students with a variety of media learning support services, which is an important form of student autonomy and personalized learning. Staff should establish the "reader first" philosophy, strengthen management and provide quality services.
1. The staff must open the electronic reading room on time according to the prescribed time.
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Primary and secondary school library and reading room management system 1. Special management of library and reading room. Pay attention to fire, lightning, burglar, dust, moisture,
Mildew and mothproof. Clean the room regularly to keep the environment clean and beautiful. Teachers and students to the library,
The reading room must be quiet.
2. Newly edited books and periodicals should be classified, cataloged, registered and put on the shelves in a timely manner. precious
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