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Integrity Aphorisms
There are three incorruptible people in the world: those who are rational and not arrogant; those who are famous but not scrupulous; those who are afraid of the law to guard their position and dare not take. See the rational and not take the wrong, do nothing, go up; still name the festival without taking it, the person of the introduction, followed by the second; fear of the law to protect the position and dare not take it, then reluctantly, Sri Lanka is the second. ——Ming Song Yan, Ancient and Modern Medicine Stones, Volume on
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"I am very hard to engage in corruption" "You are hard to fight against corruption, and I am also very difficult to engage in corruption!" —— This is Chen Zhaofeng, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Former People ’s Congress of Luzhou City, Anhui Province. When he was the secretary of the Dingyuan County Party Committee, he was a bribe seller After being "double-regulated", I felt that I had explained the problem to the task force.
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Look-the facts at the grassroots level; listen-the voices of employees; touch-their own conscience; check-their words and deeds. ---- Pang Shungen, Nanjing Traffic Bureau
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The greatest happiness in life is peace, the greatest sorrow in life, the ignorance of self-love, the greatest glory in life, the greatest shame in honest life, the greatest shame in life, the best happiness in life, the greatest happiness in pioneering and innovating, and the greatest misfortune in life.
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Humility is not innocent, and humility is not incorruptible. ("Yan Zichunqiu · Inner Chapter") Interpretation: Modest and
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