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A law-abiding and conscientious person will not steal even if there is an urgent need, but even if he gives a thief a million dollars, he cannot count on him to never steal or steal.
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Friendship is a kind of calm and calm love, which is guided by reason and formed by habits. It comes from long-term understanding and common agreement, without jealousy or fear. ——Homer friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. -Gibran's true friendship is like a phosphorous fire-it looks brightest in the darkest moments around you. ——
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1. A person who wants to help the weak should become the strong himself, not the weak like them. ——Roman Roland 2. Have friends come from afar? ——The Analects of Confucius? Xueer 3
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It's not loneliness and loneliness that you are afraid of, but you have to deal with people you don't want to associate with. ——He Huaihong A person who never appreciates others, that is, a person who will never be appreciated by others. ——Wang Guozhen should not be afraid to reject others if his own reasons are justified. ——San Mao does his best for others, and finally he does his best for himself. —— (British) The Ruskins are so rigid, I use softness to overcome them; people use techniques, I have sincerity; and people are angry, and I confess to reason.
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● It gives ten rounds of sun during the day, rather than a ray of starlight at night. ● The spark of friendship flashes in adversity, and the banner of battle fades in ease. ● Criticism is the bond of sincere friendship, and compliment is the match of false friends. ● Gossip is an indifferent cold wind that blows away the blossoming flowers of friendship. ● If you want to find friends who have no faults, you will never have friends.
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3.1.1 Those with different ambitions, no
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