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Integrity Story
This is a touching story. The story is about the father's decision to bring the only 600
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This subject matter is relatively familiar, it seems a bit cliché. The police are responsible for law and order, and the thief is pickpocketing. The two have always been incompatible with each other. Therefore, when a thief sees the police like a mouse when he meets a cat, he should run away and run away. We often see police officers arresting thieves in film and television works and daily life. However, there are some exceptions. There are also thieves who are not afraid of police and police who do not catch thieves.
Date: 2014-06-17 Views: 21698
At the end of the Ming Dynasty, there was a county official named Chen Siyuan in Shexian County, Shandong Province. It is said that he was from Tiantai Chengguan. He was an official for 30 years and never held birthdays for himself.
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The strong smell of tobacco in the room was breathless. He put the cigarette butt on the "top of the mountain" in the ashtray, took one, and clicked
Date: 2013-05-15 Clicks: 16329
Mom, there is a pug here! "A little girl's voice woke me from my sleep.
Date: 2013-05-15 Views: 7692
Fan Zhongyan (989-1051), the word Greek, Suzhou. Famous politician, military strategist and writer in the Northern Song Dynasty. Fan Zhongyan has outstanding achievements and morals. In three years (1036), Jing You retaliated by Prime Minister Lu Yi for derogation of Raozhou. Fan Zhongyan has been an official in Raozhou for only eighteen months, but has done a lot of good things to praise the people. He is loved by the people of Liyang, and is named the same with Yan Zhenqing. . In 1995, the People's Government of Shuyang County allocated a special fund to rebuild "Biyunxuan" in Zhishan as a memorial for Fan Zhongyan.
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