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Methods and precautions for publishing news on the website of the famous teacher team

[Date: 2010-11-19] [Font: large medium small ]
For the convenience of memory, this site can be accessed through the URL: http://yuwen.feilecloth.com .

1. Select a news category. You must click the green arrow to the right to select a category.

标题醒目打上勾,则首页标题颜色为红色 2. If the title is highlighted, the title color of the homepage is red.


3. Method of uploading pictures (1) Click the red box area below

Then select the file and click Upload.


4. Method of uploading pictures (two), this method is suitable for making pictures displayed on the homepage

Click upload on the right side of the header image, then the pop-up window is shown as below

Keep in mind that the picture is 376 wide by 263 long, otherwise the homepage picture is very blurred.


5. Picture upload method (three) Click the area icon shown in the figure below

Then click the area shown in the figure below and click the arrow to upload one picture at a time. If you click the plus sign, you can select multiple pictures to upload at the same time.


6. Lock the article and set the article for members of the language team to read! Check √ in front of a team of Chinese language teachers as shown below


7. This site can upload attachment types: jpg, gif, swf, zip, rar, png, doc, xls, mp3, ppt, bmp

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