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Famous teacher innovation team members participate in the provincial junior middle school Chinese teaching excellent course evaluation activity

[Date: 2010-11-25] [Font: large medium small ]

From November 20th to 21st, 2010, Jiangsu Province Junior Middle School Chinese Language Teaching Excellent Course Evaluation and Observation Activity was held as scheduled in Zhangjiagang Ivy Experimental Middle School. About 600 Chinese language teaching and researching staff, competition teachers and lecture teachers from major cities across the province participated in the event. Director Li Xudong of Rudong Experimental Middle School participated in the competition, and members of the "Innovative Team of Li Feng Famous Teachers of Chinese Teaching in Rudong Middle School" participated in the event.

The city of Zhangjiagang in the early winter was slightly chilly, and the spring tide surged in the hall of Ivy League Experimental Middle School, and business was flourishing. On the morning of the 20th, the teacher of the Provincial Teaching and Research Section, Duan chaired the short opening ceremony. Subsequently, the class teachers from the major cities showed their abilities on the stage of the General Assembly Hall, and offered a Chinese meal to the class teachers. The subject of this competition is determined independently, which is conducive to the contestants' strengths, avoiding weaknesses, expressing their personality and showing style. "Moon Trail", "Tian Jing Sha Qiu Si", "My Uncle Yu Le", "One Side", "Farewell to Kangqiao", "Song of the Waves" ... The styles are different, subtly different and wonderful. Mr. Li Xudong, who represents classes in Nantong City, pursues the "authenticity" of the Chinese language of "The Moon", naturalized text processing, excavation of children's voices, comparison with reduplicated words, and reading in different roles to make the classroom emit a strong Chinese taste. Teacher Huang Suxin of Suzhou pays attention to the cultural connotation of "Tian Jing Sha Qiu Si", and the class has a strong sense. Teacher Yan Xiujuan of Yancheng guided the students to recite "Qinyuan Spring Snow" passionately ... The students of Ivy League Experimental Middle School are of very high quality. They show extraordinary generosity and atmosphere in the classroom. It left a deep impression. Teachers who enjoy the lessons also have a half-day review period. The reviewers stand at the forefront of Chinese teaching and take care of the Chinese classroom from a unique perspective. The language of the review can be described and the listeners benefit a lot.

On the afternoon of the 21st, after all the competition classes ended, the Chinese teacher and researcher section of the Provincial Department of Teaching and Researching Department briefly summarized the activity. He believed that the overall level of this competition class completely surpassed the previous one. He also put forward three suggestions on Chinese teaching, one is to teach real Chinese, the other is to strengthen the stylistic consciousness, and the third is to pay attention to the in-depth interpretation of the text. After Mr. Duan announced the contestant's score, the excellent class evaluation and observation activity ended successfully.
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