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Zhou Weihong Development Planning Form

[Date: 2010-11-25] [Font: large medium small ]

Rudong County Elementary and Middle School Teachers Innovation Team



Professional Development Plan

(July 2010-July 2013)



姓 名: 周卫红 Innovation team name: Rudong Middle School Chinese Teaching Li Feng Famous teacher Innovation team name: Zhou Weihong

Work Unit : Rudong Experimental Middle School





Completed: November 25, 2010






Instructions for filling in the form:

1. Please print or write with a pen. Each content should be accurately expressed, and if it can be quantified, the handwriting should be neat.

2. The "Explanation" column of professional development direction should be explained from the perspective of theoretical and practical accumulation, and the construction of the teaching system or model dominated by this direction, and the formation and improvement of styles should be planned.

3. The "annual goal of professional development" should involve at least teaching observation and competition, teaching reflection and research, professional training, and accumulation of books, etc., and it should be easy to compare and understand the achievement.

4. "The final results of professional development in this cycle" refer to empirical results such as publishing a thesis, publishing a monograph, completing a scientific research project, and receiving an award.

5. After completing this form, make a copy or print in duplicate, one for the leader and one for your own.

Professional development direction


In order to meet the requirements of curriculum reform, the pursuit of "invisible" educational thoughts in Chinese teaching, and research on "invisible Chinese education" implementation strategies. Actively build a new model of classroom teaching, strive to explore effective ways of Chinese teaching, cultivate sound personality, and promote sustainable development of students. Through learning, research, practice, continuous innovation and development, to improve the efficiency of Chinese teaching in a large area, and strive to form its own distinctive characteristics and personality style.








Existing foundations and achievements

She loves education and has a good moral education. He has a strong desire for self-improvement and self-development, has a certain research and accumulation of theories related to junior high school Chinese teaching, and has his own understanding and pursuit of education and teaching practice.

He has solid basic teaching skills and strong education and scientific research ability. He has studied the efficient classroom construction under the background of the new curriculum, and has a certain pioneering and innovative spirit.

Participated in the teacher improvement class held by the Northeast Normal University Teacher Training Center of the Ministry of Education and closed the course.

He has presided over the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" key topic "Classroom Model Research on Cultivating Students' Creative Ability", participated in the "11th Five-Year Plan" key topic "High School Chinese Effectiveness Teaching Strategy"; Through years of listening, studying, and communicating, I have basically understood the teaching style and art of President Li Feng.












Annual professional development goals during the cycle

Second half of 2010 :

1. Study the theory of "markless Chinese education thoughts" systematically and determine the research goals and work plan.

2. Participate in the application and research work of the provincial research topic "The pursuit of seamless" Chinese education thoughts, and have a preliminary understanding of the basic characteristics of "the pursuit of seamless" Chinese education thoughts.

3. In-depth study of the "curriculum standards" for junior high school Chinese language and the latest research results of related Chinese teaching, and carry out preliminary research on Chinese teaching methods and teaching content.

4. Discover research topics in daily Chinese teaching, analyze and compare them, and increase awareness of problems, research, and exploration.

In 2011 :

1. Education of "invisible Chinese" and life research.

2. Go deep into the classroom, learn the teaching art of President Li Feng, and discuss the teaching model.

3. Write teaching cases and teaching papers.

4. Actively try junior high school Chinese classroom teaching mode, and carry out open class teaching in schools and countywide.

2012 :

1. Research on the development of junior high school Chinese curriculum resources.

2. Comprehensively understand the new achievements of the junior high school Chinese curriculum, and clarify the trend of junior high school Chinese curriculum reform.

3. Accumulate cases for efficient classroom teaching.

4. Research on the integration of "invisible Chinese education" with other disciplines.

5. Practicing the "pursuit of no trace" language education thinking, writing blogs and cases.


2013 :

1. Carry out a discussion on the implementation strategy of "invisible Chinese language education".

2. Report and display the classroom art research of "Creative Chinese Education".

3. Research on the junior middle school Chinese classroom teaching evaluation.

4. Organize teaching research results for the past three years and write teaching thesis.

  5. Completion of the provincial-level project: the research and conclusion of the topic of "the pursuit of no trace" Chinese education thought.

Professional development approaches, methods and guarantees

Ways and methods:

1. Listen to and evaluate lessons.

2. Read about "invisible" educational teaching theories.

3. Research on teachers' professional growth.

4. Efficient Chinese classroom case studies.

5. Special subject research.

6. Salon seminars.

7. Write a blog, network research.

8. Teaching observation and discussion.

9. Go out to study and communicate.






Guarantee of professional development:

1. The competent education department provides opportunities for study and observation.

2. Hire experts and scholars in language education and teaching to give lectures on "invisible education".


Assumption of the final results of professional development this week

1. Provincial-level project: The research on the topic of "pursuit of seamless" Chinese education thoughts can be successfully concluded.

2. Can publish teaching research cases, papers and treatises in newspapers and magazines above the provincial level.

3. Grasp the teaching art of "Chinese without marks" and form a distinct Chinese teaching style.


Leader opinion

Evaluations and suggestions on "professional development planning":











Training measures:









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