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Touch text with temperature

[Date: 2010-11-25] [Font: large medium small ]

As an ordinary teacher struggling to survive on the front line of teaching for many years, I have been in a tired, confused and helpless mood for a long time. I often pin my hope on a top-down reform in the country, so that when I wake up, I can teach in a clear and clear school. But every morning, looking up, there are still thorns and dangerous stones blocking the way ...

Until one day, I read "Reeds in the Wind Thinking" by Teacher Li Zhenxi, and later I read "Enjoying Education" by Professor Zhu Yongxin. The spirit was refreshed-the original "education" can be "enjoying" . Sometimes we cannot change the environment, but we can change ourselves. Those words with temperature are like seeds, starting to take root and sprout in the soil deep in my soul. Now, after reading carefully Chen's article, I feel the warmth of the text again. As Dr. Xiao Chuan said in the preface: Taste carefully, as if you see a “early person” on the journey of being a person, a teacher, and a study for decades. These words with temperature also made me rejuvenate, and convinced me that as long as I have temperature, education will be enthusiastic!

What kind of person? Teacher Chen believes that being a teacher is the foundation of being a teacher. The most important thing about a person is that he / she can think. Enjoying the dignity of thought is the highest state of life. I used to admire those who think about issues with breadth, depth, and unique insights. But envy and envy, in my opinion, it is a height that can never be reached. Now think about it, a big part of it is to find reasons to be lazy. The reason why Li Zhenxi's "Writing Poems in the Mind" can move people is that he is not only loyal to the education scene of each day, but also more importantly, he is loyal to the true feelings of each day-sincere reflection, analysis, appreciation, touching Joy, confusion, anxiety, and so on, these constitute a undulating and even exciting "youth poetry drama" and "educational history book"! In his article, we are more seeing a thoughtful teacher, who plays a vital role in the growth of students and the future of the nation. "Be a thoughtful reed" From now on, I will keep reminding myself.

What kind of teacher? Teacher Chen advocates us to be a warm educator. Giving students warmth should be our number one priority and educational awareness. Teacher Chen also told us that to be a warm educator, you must have four hearts: love, sincerity, publicity, and wisdom. Reading is always reading myself. I often put myself in the text for comparison. Am I a four-hearted person? This kind of questioning is painful, because each answer points directly to the weakness in the heart, making the real and weak “self” unable to hide, until the desire to “see the wisdom and thinking together” emerges in the heart, and the heart is empty. The fog is scattered. As a result, my inner desire grew stronger through this warm text: ideals, actions, gains!

What kind of learning people do? Previously, I rarely read theoretical articles, always thinking that such articles were boring, preaching, and boring. At first, I approached "Being a Warm Educator" with this mentality. But as I turned pages by pages and read them one by one, I gradually immersed myself in the words of Teacher Chen or profound and timeless or interesting. I began to read it carefully, and I like his expression more and more. What impressed me the most was that he handed over ancient classics and used them just right. I often excerpt from such text. When tasting these sentences, I often think of a sentence: There is poetry and self-confidence in the belly. After reading Mr. Chen's "Pursuit of Life in a Realm", I finally cracked the code of his skillful use of ancient poems-he is a person who is always accompanied by books, and he is also a student who learns to improve his quality People.

Closing the book pages, and staring at the cover again, the seven characters of "being a warm educator" are like a beam of sunshine shining into the depths of my heart, brushing the haze of my heart, adding bright colors to my heart, and advancing to Your feet add strength!

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