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Feeling about watching the provincial class

[Date: 2010-11-29] [Font: large medium small ]

From November 20th to 21st, as a member of Li Feng's famous innovation team, I was fortunate to go to Zhangjiagang Ivy League Experimental Middle School to participate in the 2010 Jiangsu Junior High School Chinese Language Teaching Excellent Course Observation Activity. During the two days, I observed 15 During the class, there were a lot of gains and impressions. Among them, there were three points that touched me most:

First, good lessons must have personality.

The fifteen lessons observed this time, either magnificent, fresh and timeless, gentle and subtle, or simple and thick, all left a deep impression on the students. A good class should be a class with personality. Whether it is the choice of text or the use of teaching methods, it should match the personal temperament of the teacher. I was particularly impressed by Mr. Huang Suxin from Suzhou Jingyuan Middle School. The topic she chose was Ma Zhiyuan's "Tianjingsha Qiusi". Before the class, she did not communicate with her classmates like other teachers, but she stood quietly at the bottom of the screen. The desolate autumn scene displayed on the screen, the quiet posture of teacher Huang Suxin and the magnetic recitation at the beginning of her class suddenly brought the students into the mood of autumn and clearness. During the session, there were slight flaws, but the flaws were not covered. Teacher Huang's unique teaching style and profound cultural heritage still deeply touched the teachers and the judges. As one of the judges said about her class, listening to her class, such as tasting a glass of Gusu wine, is long and honest.

2. Good lessons are polished.

In the "Jinfan Cup" activity, I once heard the lesson of "The Path Tragedy" by Teacher Li Xudong. At that time, I was impressed by Mr. Li's in-depth interpretation of the text. This time I listened to the lesson "Moon Trail" taught by Mr. Li, and sighed more about his handling of the text. No matter the introduction of the class, the analysis of words, or the reading aloud by students, there is a strong sense of Chinese. It reflects Mr. Li's pursuit of "original Chinese". In the communication with the teachers of the experimental middle school, I learned that for this class, Mr. Li repeatedly revised it, from the design of the teaching process to the consideration of one sentence and the treatment of a look. In order to better grasp the flowing emotions in Mr. Jia Pingwa's text, Teacher Li read through the prose of Mr. Jia Pingwa. When we listen to others in class, we often marvel at the profoundness and breadth of the instructors. In fact, what we can't see is the accumulation and polishing of the teachers before class. Teacher Li thanked the teachers who helped him in his blog post, and an excellent team behind him. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to approach this team and learn from them up close.

Third, guts are exercised.

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to watch a composition lesson of Mr. Zhongjiang Cedar from Rudong County. Mr. Jiang's unique composition teaching method made me gain a lot. What surprised me was that Teacher Jiang was not satisfied with his lesson. He felt that the lesson did not have the whimsical words of the past and lacked the passion of the class. He wrote the past and present of his Jinfan class under the title "I'm not a confident person". In his narrative, I felt his sincerity. During this trip to Zhangjiagang, Teacher Li Xudong also talked about his real experience before and after this class. They are all exceptional teachers in our eyes. We often admire their unrestrained freedom in class, but we don't know the hardship behind it all. They made me understand that no matter who it is, it can only emerge from the cocoon and become a butterfly only after suffering the pain.
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