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Xu Ailian Growth Plan

[Date: 2010-11-29] [Font: large medium small ]



Rudong County Elementary and Middle School Teachers Innovation Team



Professional Development Plan

(July 2010-July 20013)




Name of Innovation Team: Li Feng, a famous teacher in Chinese teaching in Rudong Middle School

First name: Xu Ailian

Work Unit : Rudong Experimental Middle School              





Date of completion: December 25, 2010





Instructions for filling in the form:

1. Please print or write with a pen. Each content should be accurately expressed, and if it can be quantified, the handwriting should be neat.

2. The "Explanation" column of professional development direction should be explained from the perspective of theoretical and practical accumulation, and the construction of the teaching system or model dominated by this direction, and the formation and improvement of styles should be planned.

3. The "annual goal of professional development" should involve at least teaching observation and competition, teaching reflection and research, professional training, and accumulation of books, etc., and it should be easy to compare and understand the achievement.

4. "The final results of professional development in this cycle" refer to empirical results such as publishing a thesis, publishing a monograph, completing a scientific research project, and receiving an award.

5. After completing this form, make a copy or print in duplicate, one for the leader and one for your own.

Professional development direction

Note: Seriously study and study the "Leisure" Chinese teaching thoughts of principal Li, and strive to improve the professional level of Chinese teaching, and actively practice and apply it in Chinese teaching activities. Under the influence of scientific and advanced teaching ideas, we are actively constructing new ideas for Chinese teaching in the new era, trying to figure out new models of classroom teaching, striving to explore effective ways of Chinese teaching, cultivating sound personality, and promoting sustainable development of students. In the study and practice, strive to form its own distinctive teaching characteristics and personality style, and change from qualified teachers to specialty teachers. The goal is to become a senior teacher, county discipline leader, and city backbone teacher by 2013.


Existing foundations and achievements

Loves the three-foot podium and is willing to give my life strength. Have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and do not want to make yourself too mediocre. I love my Chinese teaching work, have a certain research and accumulation of junior middle school Chinese teaching related theories, have my own understanding and pursuit of education and teaching practice. Have solid teaching basic skills, have some research on the effective classroom under the current curriculum reform, write and publish related papers, participate in the training of key teachers in Nantong and graduate. He is currently the backbone of the county's Chinese language teachers.







Annual professional development goals during the cycle

Second half of 2010 :

1. Concentrate on studying the theory of "markless Chinese education thought" and grasp the essentials and essence of "markless" teaching.

2. Participate in the application and research work of the provincial research topic "Pursue No Trace" Chinese education thought, and get a preliminary understanding of the basic characteristics of the "Pursuit No Trace" language education thought.

3. Write a blog carefully, no less than 2 articles per week.

4. Actively write a dissertation and be able to write 2 papers at or above city level.

5. At least one county public class.

In 2011 :

1. Further study the theory of "markless Chinese education thought" and develop your own unique insights and experiences.

2. Go deep into the classroom, learn the teaching art of President Li Feng, and discuss the teaching model.

3. At least 2 high-quality blogs per week, and can closely follow their teaching, and summarize and reflect on teaching in a timely manner.

4. Published at least 2 papers at or above municipal level throughout the year. Actively participate in various essay competitions and strive to get a place.

5. At least one municipal public class.


2012 :

1. Comprehensively understand the new achievements of the junior high school Chinese curriculum, and clarify the trend of the junior high school Chinese curriculum reform.

2. Investigate the dynamics and effects of "insignificant" Chinese teaching in practice and write articles.

3. On the basis of being proficient in "invisible" Chinese teaching, accumulate your own experience and lessons in efficient classroom practice.

4. Write more than 2 blogs per week.

5. Actively write papers for publication at the municipal level and 1 at the provincial level.

6. Strive for a municipal public class.


2013 :

1. Report and display the classroom art research of "Creative Chinese Education".

2. Organize the teaching research results of the past three years and write teaching papers.

3. Complete the provincial-level project: the research and conclusion of the topic of "pursuit of no trace" in Chinese education thought.

4. Write more than 2 blogs per week.

5. Actively write papers for publication at the municipal level and 1 at the provincial level.

6, look forward to successfully declare senior titles.

7. I look forward to successfully applying for backbone teachers in the city.


Professional development approaches, methods and guarantees

Ways and methods:

1. Listen to and evaluate lessons.

2. Read about "invisible" educational teaching theories.

3. Research on teachers' professional growth.

4. Efficient Chinese classroom case studies.

5. Special subject research.

6. Salon seminars.

7. Write a blog, network research.

8. Teaching observation and discussion.

9. Go out to study and communicate.

10. Persistent reading teaching theories: Li Zhenxi's "Growth in Reflection",

"Being the best class teacher", "Being the best parent"; "Interpreting Wei Shusheng"; Xiao Chuan's "Education Mission and Responsibility"; "Education towards Life" and so on.


Guarantee of professional development:

1. The competent education department provides opportunities for study and observation.

2. Hire experts and scholars in language education and teaching to give lectures on "invisible education".


Assumption of the final results of professional development this week

1. Provincial-level project: The research on the topic of "pursuit of seamless" Chinese education thoughts can be successfully concluded.

2. Can publish teaching research cases, papers and treatises in newspapers and magazines above the provincial level.

3. Grasp the teaching art of "Chinese without marks" and form a distinct Chinese teaching style.

4. Become a senior teacher and become a city backbone teacher.


Leader opinion

Evaluations and suggestions on "professional development planning":











Training measures:









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