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Yao Xuefei's three-year growth plan

[Date: 2010-12-05] [Font: large medium small ]



Rudong County Elementary and Middle School Teachers Innovation Team



Professional Development Plan


(July 2010-July 20013)




Name of Innovation Team: Li Feng, a famous teacher in Chinese teaching in Rudong Middle School                  

First name:       Yao Xuefei                

employer:   Chanan Junior High School, Chahe Town, Rudong County              





Completed: November 26, 2010





Instructions for filling in the form:


1. Please print or write with a pen. Each content should be accurately expressed, and if it can be quantified, the handwriting should be neat.


2. The "Explanation" column of professional development direction should be explained from the perspective of theoretical and practical accumulation, and the construction of the teaching system or model dominated by this direction, and the formation and improvement of styles should be planned.


3. The "annual goal of professional development" should involve at least teaching observation and competition, teaching reflection and research, professional training, and accumulation of books, etc., and it should be easy to compare and understand the achievement.


4. "The final results of professional development in this cycle" refer to empirical results such as publishing a thesis, publishing a monograph, completing a scientific research project, and receiving an award.


5. After completing this form, make a copy or print in duplicate, one for the leader and one for your own.



Professional development direction


In order to pursue the immaculate realm of Chinese education, in the field of the famous teacher innovation team, taking the Chinese lesson under the new curriculum concept as the point of contact, through the guidance of famous teachers, peer assistance and self-exploration, we strive to improve our own theoretical literacy and seek "no "Effective teaching strategy", improve teaching practice ability and subject research ability. Within one year, we will be able to provide public classes across the county, participate in county-level competitions and receive grade awards, and the papers will receive first-class awards from the county. Senior teacher, became the leader of the county's language discipline; within three years, he participated in the competition and won the first prize of the county, the city level award, thesis published above the provincial level, and became a backbone teacher in the city.

Existing foundations and achievements


I really love Chinese language education, love students, and am interested in lifelong junior high school Chinese language education research. Have a strong desire for self-improvement and self-development. I have a solid theory of education and teaching. I have participated in the provincial training courses for teachers of the new basic education curriculum. I am very concerned about the reform of junior high school Chinese teaching. I often read Chinese teaching newspapers and magazines.

  Have solid teaching basic skills, have their own understanding and pursuit of junior high school Chinese teaching. He has been rated as a "Rookie in the Educational Forum" in Rudong County and a "backbone teacher" in Rudong County. He has won the second prize in a county-level excellent course competition. He has published many professional papers in regular magazines at the municipal and provincial levels.


















Annual professional development goals during the cycle

Second half of 2010 :

1. Participate in the application and research work of the provincial research topic "The pursuit of seamless" Chinese education thoughts, and have a preliminary understanding of the basic characteristics of "the pursuit of seamless" Chinese education thoughts.

2. Systematic study of the "pursuit of no trace" Chinese teaching ideas and theories, based on personal characteristics and team requirements, establish research goals and work plans.

3. In-depth study of teaching materials, timely capture of classroom teaching, serious reflection, looking for ways and methods of "invisible education", writing cases or dissertations, won the county first prize or more.




In 2011 :

1. Go deep into the classroom, observe and learn from the incognito education of President Li Feng; discuss with the team members, polish the classroom, and pursue the teaching art of "invisible Chinese".

2. Actively try the teaching style of "invisible Chinese", open public courses or special lectures throughout the county, and participate in county-level competitions to win grade awards.

3. Carry out a research on a scientific research project at or above the county level as the subject chairperson or core member.

4. Practice the "pursuit of no trace" language education thinking, write cases or dissertations, and publish at the municipal level or above.


2012 :

1. "Creative Chinese Education" and Life Research.

2. "Integration of Chinese Language Education" with other disciplines.

3. A Study on the Implementation Strategy of "Traditional Chinese Education".

4. Practice the "pursuit of no trace" language education thoughts, write cases, dissertations, and publish at the provincial level or above.

5. Strive to grow into the leader of the county's language disciplines, senior middle school teachers.


2013 :

1. In-depth research on the art of "Creative Chinese Education" to form the education style of "Creative Chinese".

2. Show educational features and styles of "Simplified Chinese" at or above the county level (including county level).

3. Completion of research projects above county level.

4. Combining the results of teaching research over the past three years, writing papers and publishing them at the provincial level or above.

5. Completion of provincial-level project: the research and conclusion of the topic of "pursuit of no trace" Chinese education thought.

  6. Strive to grow into a city backbone teacher.



Professional development approaches, methods and guarantees

Ways and methods:

Listen to the leader's demonstration class, study class, grinding class, appraisal class.

Read the recommended bibliography, upload your experience, and exchange experiences.

Case study, project discussion, salon discussion.

Go out to study and observe.

Independent research, blogging, case studies.







Guarantee of professional development:

1. I hope to get the care and guidance of the county bureau leaders, and the education department will provide the opportunity to study and observe.

2. I hope to hire experts and scholars to give lectures on "invisible education".

3. I hope the town education office and school can give them their support.

Assumption of the final results of professional development this week


1. Able to understand the essence of "Crossless Chinese Education" and master the "Crossless Chinese Education" in continuous polishing

Art, forming the education style of "invisible Chinese".

2. Able to offer public courses or special lectures at or above the county level (including county level), and have a certain impact.

3. Can publish cases and papers in newspapers and magazines above the provincial level. Publish monographs with team members.

4. Completed the research and conclusion of the "Quest for No Trace" Chinese Education Thought.




Leader opinion

Evaluations and suggestions on "professional development planning":











Training measures:










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