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Pay attention to the details of education, realize the care and harmonious development of life

[Date: 2010-12-13] [Font: large medium small ]

Attach importance to the details of education to realize the care and harmonious development of life

——Reading "Education and Mission and Responsibility"

Wang Yanling

Introduction: Have you ever used a "V" shaped cup? Have you ever drawn a spinning top? When the bottom of the cup becomes a "V", you have to hold it, and you can't be lazy; when you have a spinning top, you have to beat it constantly to avoid "strikes". So is life. Someone once said, "I fall asleep, I feel the beauty of life; I wake up, I feel the responsibility of life." As teachers, not just individual life, should we think more about our mission and shoulder responsibility?

Some people say that appointments are a kind of beauty; some people say that happiness is not good for appointments, but I used to find a place where my students crossed the 2008 agreement, as China and the world did in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The happiness we experienced was that when we were preparing to go home for the New Year during the winter holidays, we agreed to change the way to ask for "New Year's Money" to ask for "New Year's Words", and made cards, filtered by our hearts Write down testimonials and display them in groups to make the blackboard and white tiles colorful, learn to tell affection and heavy hope, and share each other's happy experiences. For this purpose, I designed a slogan: Don't spend money this holiday season.

The package of fraternal affection no longer becomes trivial, and the little words of hope no longer become embarrassed, because of the aura of "New Year's Word", because of the envious expression of classmates, and because of their own processing and production Attentive. When I read Xiao Chuan ’s sentence: The ultimate goal of education is to realize the care and harmonious development of life. I have a sense of epiphany. It turns out that this is what I do as a teacher. I can take advantage of my own advantages from teachers in other disciplines, and My students experience the care and feelings of life together, the harmony between teachers and students, students, parents and children. My little move inadvertently became a bridge of communication. Isn't this what education needs most urgently right now?

However, after Xiao Chu ’s sentence just now, there is another sentence, “We should pay great attention to those details of education that have been ignored.” This naturally connected me to the afternoon of Thursday. Teacher Shao Jianqun and I invited us to come to us according to prior agreement. Yuan Xiaoping, the professional referee, brought students from classes 909 and 910 who were still in suspense to the playground. In fact, their (especially boys) Yidong heart has been unable to hold back, and they are not sure that we can be teachers. What kind of excitement will they bring to the smell of gunpowder in the entrance exam. Fortunately, Teacher Shao and I will use the lens and capture with care, keeping their warm smiles in the afternoon sun.

We use a two-shift competition system, which is divided into four major groups, including "catch the pig", "lifting Luo Han", "men and women tug of war PK", "men's basketball playground competition (not 'Shiping') competition". For one of them, two classes selected 10 boys and girls to regroup, mixed tug of war, Shao Jianqun and I were assigned to classes 909 and 910. The competition between teachers and students in the same field was high. The tall and thin Xu Wei with the potential for tug of war took the lead and gave me strong support, as well as the team, and even my shield, because Yuan Xiaoping has been admonishing: "Protect Teacher Wang, don't let her fall. "Everything is ready, only whistle. As soon as the whistle sounded, I tried my best to pull the comrades behind me backwards. Despite the shouts of cheerleaders on both sides, I was moved by the leader in front because he was not close to me. On me; because he did n’t care for the handsome and handsome expression, the power in his hand was passed backwards through the rope. A boy), and even more because I read out his all-out effort from the shots where he was captured. We showed a slight advantage and won. But I no longer valued the results. I was moved and cheered by the participation of teachers, and I was a little surprised by the innocence and frankness.

It is also not to be ignored that the 9 cheerleaders cheer for the men's basketball team. When the momentum of the 10th team clearly overtook the 9th team, they are not slouching and need not mobilize to shout: "Come on 9th!" Overlaid to the top 10 standings, they did not forget to analyze the gains and losses: the opponent shot too accurate! The men in this class will not cooperate. When the failure was a foregone conclusion, Wu Gaojie of Class 9 smiled frankly at the scoreboard and said, "It's over, we're going to turn it over (scoreboard)." When the sports event is over and the results still need attention, in the background of the teacher, Shao Don't forget to hold on to the theme: "The next time everyone takes the exam, the teacher will make time for the boys to practice shooting." The teachers listened, more frankly, more cohesive!

Maybe it took two lessons (one in PE and one in Composition) to drive everyone crazy. Maybe many teachers disdain them, thinking that the third grade is too expensive, but I do n’t think it ’s a long time to wake up. Heart. After reading Xiaochuan's text, I realized that this approach can "enrich and deepen our soul." I also hope that my students can capture the moving of life from the activities. "I write my heart", writing, isn't Tao Xingzhi's "life is the source of writing"? Isn't this the "living writing" advocated by Professor Xiao Chuan? We also want students to be "good at discovering the bit of happiness in life, and good at passing it to everyone around them!"

Having said that, I understand this sentence somewhat: teachers are effective leaders in the spiritual growth of students, but each educator bears a sacred mission and responsibility. My friends, from these bits and pieces of education and life, you must remember the core of what I talked with today. The ultimate goal of education is to realize the care and harmonious development of life. To this end, we should pay great attention to those educational details that have been ignored. (In fact, how many educational details have we been overlooked? I hope that next time we will find an opportunity to exchange ideas about educational details that we have accidentally or intentionally ignored.)

Only in this way can we make an agreement with the happiness of educating life and walk with our students on the road of happiness in seeking knowledge and virtue!

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