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"Famous Teachers' Air Classroom" Teacher Registration Method and Precautions

[Date: 2019-10-30] [Font: large medium small ]

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I. Registration method: WeChat scan code

Second, matters needing attention

1. First ensure that the mobile phone number bound to WeChat is consistent with the mobile phone number in the teacher's database;

2. Ask teachers to pay attention to the "Jiangsu Teacher Education" enterprise number, follow the process reference, "Jiangsu Teacher Education" official website WeChat binding guide, new teachers do not register for the time being;

所在地区(到区县)、学校全称、学校类型、教师姓名、性别、手机号(绑定微信)、任教学段、任教学科 以上信息给学校(附表),由学校统一提交到区教育管理部门收集确定后提交到各市, 由各市相关对接部门提交到平台运维公司统一处理。 3. If the teacher registration fails, please submit: the area (to the district or county), the full name of the school, the type of school, the name of the teacher, the gender, the mobile phone number (bound to WeChat), any teaching section, any teaching subject or more to the school ( attached table ), Submitted by the school to the district education management department for collection and confirmation, and then submitted to each city, and the relevant docking department in each city is submitted to the platform operation and maintenance company for unified processing.

400-828-7559 Customer Service Hotline: 400-828-7559

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