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Chen Chunliu, Deputy Magistrate of Rudong County Government, and his party visited the Experimental Middle School

[Date: 2019-11-20] [Font: large medium small ]

On the afternoon of November 19th, Chen Chunliu, deputy head of the People's Government of Rudong County, Wu Yayun, deputy director of the county government office, and Yu Jianhua, deputy director of the county education and sports bureau, came to the experimental middle school for investigation. Principal Han Ming, secretary Wu Congduo, deputy principal Li Xiaobin, deputy principal Miao Jian, deputy principal Wang Yanling of the new district junior high school, and director of the office of Yang Aijun accompanied the investigation and reported on the work. 对我校鲜明的办学特色以及近年来所取得的成绩给予了充分的肯定。 The county magistrate fully affirmed our school's distinctive school characteristics and achievements in recent years. I also hope that our school will pay more attention to the cultivation of talented people, and as a county school, it should play a leading role and strive to a higher level.


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