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Provincial National Science Quality Competition Notice

[Date: 2019-11-25] [Font: large medium small ]

年度江苏省全民科学素质大赛的通知 Notice on Organizing Participation in Jiangsu Province's National Science Quality Competition 2019-2020

Primary schools and junior high schools:

The Education Bureau of Science and Technology Association 2019-2020 年度江苏省全民科学素质大赛的通知 》转发给大家,本次比赛活动设有小学组、中学组、成人组,可通过互联网(江苏省全民科学素质大赛链接: http://jsgmkxszds.cnki.net/ )或公众号(“科普云”、“科学传播在线”、“江苏省青少年科技中心”、“苏科家园”)参加。 The Notice on Organizing Participation in Jiangsu Province's National Science Quality Contest 2019-2020 is forwarded to everyone. This competition has a primary school group, a middle school group, and an adult group, which can be accessed via the Internet (Jiangsu Province National Science Quality Contest: http: / /jsgmkxszds.cnki.net/ ) or public account ("Science Cloud", "Science Online", "Jiangsu Youth Science and Technology Center", "Suke Homeland"). In order to organize the county's teachers and students to participate in the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Quality Contest, schools are requested to actively participate in the event according to the notice and requirements. At that time, the organization will be evaluated according to the organization's participation in the award.


Education and Sports Bureau Education Section  




年度 About organizing participation in 2019-2020

Notice of Jiangsu Province National Scientific Quality Competition


Counties (cities, districts) Association for Science and Technology, Education Bureau, and relevant units:

2020年度江苏省全民科学素质大赛的通知》(苏全科组办发〔 201911号)通知和要求,组织好我市参加江苏省全民科学素质大赛活动,现将有关事项通知如下: In order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, solidly promote the scientific quality of the whole people, promote the scientific spirit, popularize scientific knowledge, and create a strong social atmosphere of science, love, study, and use science To stimulate the innovation enthusiasm and creative vitality of the whole society, organize the participation of our city in accordance with the notice and requirements of the Provincial Outline Office "Notice on Holding the 2019-2020 Jiangsu Scientific Quality Contest for the Whole People" (Su Quanke organized and issued [ 2019 ] 11 ) The Jiangsu Province People's Scientific Quality Contest is hereby notified of relevant matters as follows:

I. Theme

Popularize scientific knowledge, promote scientific spirit, spread scientific ideas, and advocate scientific methods

Organization unit

This event was guided by the Provincial Leading Group for Scientific Literacy for the Whole People, hosted by the Provincial Association of Science and Technology, and organized by the Provincial Youth Science and Technology Center and Provincial Science Communication Center.

3. Activity time

1231As of December 31 , 2019

Fourth, activity content

、活动设置: 活动设有小学组、中学组、成人组;包括网上竞答和线下决赛,线下决赛根据网上竞答情况择期开展。 1. Event setting: The event has primary, middle and adult groups; including online contests and offline finals, and offline finals are scheduled to take place according to online contests. The activity has a learning area on the online platform, and the public can click to learn related scientific knowledge.

、参与方式: 公众可通过互联网或微信公众号参加。 2. Participation method: The public can participate through the Internet or WeChat public account. Jiangsu Public Science and Technology Network, Huike Network, Jiangsu Youth Science and Technology Education Service Platform and other network platforms, "Science Cloud", "Science Communication Online", "Jiangsu Youth Science and Technology Center", "Suke Homeland" and other WeChat accounts, Jiangsu "Popular Cloud" information service system popular science platform and "Jiangsu Science and Technology News", "Science Popular" magazine and other publicity platforms have columns.

V. Job requirements

、高度重视,加强领导。 1. Pay great attention and strengthen leadership. )》的重要举措,加强组织领导,明确专人抓好此项活动开展,确保辖区学校广泛参与。 All counties (cities, districts) of the Association for Science and Technology and the Education Bureau and all relevant units must attach great importance to the organization of participation in the province's scientific literacy competition as the implementation of the spirit of the party's 19th National Congress, and in-depth implementation of the "National Science Quality Action Plan Outline Implementation Plan 2016-2020 ), to strengthen organizational leadership, identify specific personnel to do a good job in this activity, and ensure that schools in the jurisdictions participate widely.

、精心组织,务求实效。 2. Carefully organized for practical results. All units shall make scientific overall arrangements, actively mobilize and organize participation, and promote the orderly development of activities. Widely mobilize the active participation of personnel at all levels and departments of the system. 以上。 Provincial science and technology education characteristic schools and science education comprehensive demonstration schools must be fully mobilized and fully involved. Other colleges, technical colleges, and elementary and junior high schools have a coverage rate of over 70% . At that time, the outstanding organization award will be evaluated according to the participation of organizations in various places and units.

、持续推进,注重宣传。 3. Continue to promote and focus on publicity. It is necessary to strengthen the tracking and feedback of the participation in the region, closely combine the organization and launch of the competition with social publicity, and actively create a good social and cultural atmosphere. Take this opportunity as an opportunity to vigorously disseminate scientific knowledge, carry forward the scientific spirit, and further promote the improvement of the citizens' scientific quality in our city.




Nantong Science and Technology Association       Education Bureau of Nantong                        

116 November 6 , 2019

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