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Our school held a mid-term education work conference

[Date: 2019-11-28] [Font: large medium small ]

27日我校隆重召开期中教育工作会议。 On November 27 , our school held a mid-term education work conference.

The secretary of the school Wu Congduo first made the keynote report of "Breakthrough the target, break through the problem, catch up and surpass and create greater glory". Secretary Wu commented on the situation of the mid-term examination from aspects of examination work, examination style, scoring, and other results. The review of the routine inspection of teaching and the development of teaching and research activities since this semester are reviewed. And the school's teaching work has been deployed from the aspects of "holding on goals and strengthening responsibility; pinpointing problems, focusing on breakthroughs and improvements; optimizing style, striving to catch up and surpassing".

Representative Guo Lingfeng from the preparation team, teacher Lu Zhangmei from the head teacher, and teacher Chen Li from the teacher.

Finally, Principal Han Ming arranged and deployed the school's next semester work. In terms of ethics and morals, there are clear requirements for tutors, corporal punishment of students, etc., and all teachers are required to wake up.

The meeting was chaired by Vice President Miao Jian. "Half-ninety-thousand-mile travellers," let's "set the green hills not to relax," and work hard to create brilliant!


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