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Our school holds a sworn ceremony for new members

[Date: 2019-12-13] [Font: large medium small ]

我校 隆重举行 新一批团员 入团宣誓仪式。 On December 13, our school solemnly held a new batch of sworn ceremonies for joining the group. Secretary of the Youth League Committee Xue Weiwei announced the acceptance of the new team members' decision. 为同学们的成长送上嘱托和祝福。 Yang Xiaofeng , the Youth League Counselor , gave a speech and sent his wishes and blessings to the growth of the students.

初三 14班崔祯徐同学 领誓 下,全体团员 肃立,举起右臂,握紧右拳,面对鲜艳的团旗,用最宏亮的声音庄严宣誓 Under the swearing of Cui Yixu, class 14 of the third grade , all the members stood up, raised their right arms, clenched their right fists, faced the bright regiment flag, and solemnly swore with the brightest voice . 8班的张盛逸同学 代表新入团的团员 讲话。 Student Zhang Shengyi from Class 8 and 8 spoke on behalf of the new members . 团歌。 After that, all members sang the group song. 党委吴丛铎书记作重要讲话, 她勉励 同学们进一步加强党团知识的学习,努力提高自身的政治思想觉悟,勤奋学习,尊敬师长,团结同学,遵守纪律,在学校各项活动中起好模范带头作用。 Finally, Secretary Wu Congduo of the school party committee made an important speech. She encouraged the students to further strengthen the study of party knowledge, strive to improve their political and ideological awareness, study hard, respect the teacher, unite classmates, observe discipline, and set an example in various school activities. Take the lead.

由万云云副书记主持。 The sworn ceremony was presided over by Deputy Secretary Wan Yunyun.


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