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Rudong County Experimental Middle School's Micro-Lectures Evaluation Rules

[Date: 2019-12-15] [Font: large medium small ]

First-level indicators

Secondary indicators

Indicator description


Instructional design

) (30 points )

分) Clear goals ( 10 points)

The goal is clear, which is conducive to the intelligent development of students and links with the reality of life.


分) Reasonable design ( 10 points)

Inspiration and guidance are strong, and can effectively solve problems such as key points, difficult points, and doubts.


分) Mode manifestation ( 10 points)

It embodies the model of "real learning classroom" and pays attention to the design of cooperative learning and display links.


Classroom teaching

) (30 points )

分) Content is correct ( 10 points)

The teaching content is rigorous and clear, without any scientific errors.


分) Structural integrity ( 10 points)

The teaching structure is reasonable, conforms to the students' cognitive rules, is focused, logical, and easy to understand. The link is complete and the transition is natural.


分) New form ( 10 points)

New ideas and creative teaching methods. Students' learning methods and classroom activities are diversified.


Teacher quality

) (30 points )

分) Language specification ( 10 points)

The language is standard, the voice is loud and rhythmic, and the language is infectious.


分) Reasonable blackboard writing ( 10 points)

The blackboard design is scientific and reasonable, simple and clear, and neat and beautiful.


分) Media use ( 10 points)

The use of media is timely and appropriate, and the media design is beautiful and practical, and the operation is skilled.


time control

) (10 points )

分) Time control ( 10 points)

Complete the set teaching content within the prescribed time, detailed and appropriate, and effectively solve teaching problems.



) (100 points )



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