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County "Qinglan Project" Excellent Teacher and Apprentice Selection Notice

[Date: 2019-12-16] [Font: large medium small ]

Rudong County Education and Sports Bureau  

Rudong County Education Union


8Eastern teaching staff [ 2019 ] No. 8



Notice on Organizing and Selecting Excellent Teachers and Disciples of "Blue Project" in Rudong County

Township Education Liaison Groups, counties and schools:

58号文件精神, 经研究,决定开展如东县实施“青蓝工程”优秀师徒评选暨南通市“青蓝工程”优秀师徒遴选推荐活动。 According to the spirit of General Educational Staff [ 2019 ] No. 58 , after research, it was decided to carry out the selection of outstanding teachers and apprentices in the implementation of the "Blue Project" in Rudong County and the selection of recommended teachers and apprentices in the "Blue Project" in Nantong City. The relevant matters are notified as follows :

“青蓝工程”优秀师徒参评对象及条件 I. Subjects and conditions for the evaluation of outstanding teachers and apprentices of the "Blue Project"

   1 . Participants:

8月以后参加工作的青年教师,与指导教师签订 青蓝合同 并履行期满,成绩突出的师徒;或者2015年以后,教师间签订现代教学技术、班级管理、教科研等专项 青蓝合同 且履行期满,成绩突出的师徒。 Young teachers who joined the work after August 2015 , signed a " blue contract " with the instructor and fulfilled their outstanding achievements in the past; or after 2015 , teachers signed modern teaching technology, class management, teaching and research " Cyan and Blue Contracts " and their outstanding performance expired. The outstanding teachers and apprentices who have been selected are not included in this selection.

2 . Eligibility criteria:

)热爱教育事业,认真践行社会主义核心价值观,模范遵守教师职业道德规范,积极进取,乐于奉献,为人师表; ( 1 ) Love education, earnestly implement the core values of socialism, and follow the norms of professional ethics of teachers, be proactive, willing to contribute, and be a model for others;

)师徒签订青蓝合同,能认真履行且已期满,各阶段考核均为优等; ( 2 ) The teacher and apprentice signed the blue contract, which can be fulfilled seriously and has expired, and the assessment at each stage is superior;

)在指导教师的帮助下,被指导教师的教学水平提高较快,教育教学实绩受到学生、家长、同行认可,且20158月以来在县(市、区)级以上公开课或优课评比中获奖; ( 3 ) With the help of the instructor, the instructor's teaching level has improved rapidly, and the performance of education and teaching has been recognized by students, parents, and peers. Since August 2015 , he has been in public courses or excellent courses at or above the county (city, district) level. Awarded in the course evaluation;

)积极参加教科研活动。 ( 4 ) Actively participate in teaching and research activities.8月以来,师、徒须分别有1篇以上(含一篇)教育教学论文在市级以上的刊物上独立发表或在市级及其以上专业学会委员会获奖。 Since August 2012, teachers and apprentices must have more than one (including one) education and teaching papers independently published in journals at or above the municipal level or won awards at the municipal or above professional society committee.

Selection Method

各镇、各县直学校认真对照条件,遴选推荐12对师徒参评,推荐结果须在本镇(校)公示三天; 1. Each town and county school directly compares the conditions and selects 1 or 2 pairs of teachers and students to participate in the evaluation. The results of the recommendation must be publicized in the town (school) for three days;

各镇和县直学校务必于1223日上午11点前将推荐材料汇总,与《如东县 青蓝工程 优秀师徒推荐名册》(附件3 )一并报送县教育工会(申报表和推荐名册电子稿发至rdjygh@126.com ), 逾期视为放弃。 2. The township and county schools must summarize the recommended materials before 11 am on December 23 , and submit them to the County Education Union together with the "Rule of Excellent Teachers and Apprentices in Rudong County " (The electronic form of the declaration form and the recommendation list is sent to rdjygh@126.com ) .

县教体局、教育工会成立评审小组,组织评选; 3. The county education and sports bureau and the education union set up a review team to organize the selection;

评选对象中的前六名将推荐参加市级评选。 4. The top six candidates will be recommended to participate in the municipal selection.

Third, recommended materials

《如东县 青蓝工程 优秀师徒申报表》《南通市“青蓝工程”优秀师徒推荐表》(附件1 、附件2 )一式二份; 1. " Application Form for Excellent Teachers and Disciples of " Blue Project "in Rudong County ," Recommendation Form for Excellent Teachers and Disciples of "Blue Project" in Nantong City (Annex 1 and Annex 2 ) in duplicate;

师徒发表的论文或论文获奖证书复印件,论文发表的时间、刊物名称要清楚; 2. A copy of the thesis or award-winning certificate published by the master and apprentice, the time of publication and the name of the journal should be clear;

徒弟上公开课的证明材料或优课获奖证书复印件; 3. The apprentice's certificate of the public class or a copy of the prize-winning certificate;

青蓝合同 复印件一份; 4. A copy of " Blue Contract " ;

个人申报提供材料中的所有复印件须由所在学校工会审核认定、签字并加盖单位公章,封面统一用南通市 青蓝工程 优秀师徒申报材料 5. All photocopies of the materials provided for personal application must be reviewed, identified, signed and stamped with the company's official seal by the union of the school where they are located .





:如东县 青蓝工程 优秀师徒推荐表 Attachment 1 : Recommendation Form for Excellent Teachers and Disciples of " Blue Project " in Rudong County

:南通市 青蓝工程 优秀师徒推荐表 Attachment 2 : Nantong City Blue Project Excellent Teacher and Apprentice Recommendation Form

:如东县 青蓝工程 优秀师徒推荐名册 Attachment 3 : Recommended list of outstanding teachers and apprentices of " Blue Project " in Rudong County


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