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Rudong Senior High School 2020 Innovative Talents Training Pilot Class Enrollment Selection Scheme

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级创新人才培养试点班 Rudong Senior High School of Jiangsu Province 2020 Innovative Talents Training Pilot Class

Admissions selection plan


级创新人才培养试点班招生的各项选拔工作,特制定本实施方案。 In order to strengthen the training of innovative talents, further enhance the innovative practical ability and comprehensive quality of outstanding junior high school graduates, fully reflect the principle of teaching according to their aptitudes, and actively and steadily do a good job in the selection of enrollment in the 2020 innovative talents training pilot class. .

I. Guiding Ideology

1 . Further deepen the reform of the senior high school entrance examination system, improve the general high school enrollment methods, and promote the high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education in our county.

2 . Further deepen the curriculum reform, strive to enrich the quality of the curriculum, promote the all-round development and specialty development of students, and increase the training of innovative and top-notch talents.

3 Adhere to openness, fairness, and justice, implement enrollment in the sun, and ensure orderly, orderly, and complete success.

Organizational Leadership

Establish a leading group consisting of members of the school's party committee and principal's office, with Wang Jibing as the team leader responsible for comprehensive assessment; Zhang Bizhong, Ma Wei, Gu Xiaojing, and Guan Jianhua as deputy team leaders responsible for the organization of the assessment process and discipline inspection and supervision; The implementation group, which is attended by members of the Administrative Office, the Curriculum and Teaching Division, and the Student Affairs Division, is specifically responsible for recommending student qualifications, selecting and testing services. The entire selection process is guided and supervised by the supervision department of Rudong County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Education Bureau of Rudong County and the Admissions Office.

3. Number of students and application requirements

1 . 名学生。 Pre-admission of 90 students among the freshmen of the third grade.

2 . Those who meet one of the following conditions can voluntarily apply to participate in our school's advance admissions selection test.

:学科成绩优秀,综合成绩进入初中就读学校应届毕业生前列。 Condition ⑴ : Excellent academic performance and comprehensive performance among the top graduates of junior high schools.

:具备创新人才发展潜质,数理化竞赛成绩优异的应届毕业生。 Condition ⑵ : Fresh graduates with potential for innovative talent development and outstanding results in mathematical, physical and chemical competitions.

Fourth, the registration confirmation method and selection test arrangements


Registration method Ⅰ: Recommended by the school. ),由各初中学校按照公平、公正、公开的原则确定推荐名单,公示一周无异议后,填写推荐表(见附表2 ),由初中学校汇总后,于2020 110前寄送如东中学党政办公室,并将报名汇总表由智慧教育云平台发送我校。 According to the number of recent graduates of each junior high school and the enrollment of previous years, determine the recommended number of junior high schools (see Appendix 1 ). Each junior high school will determine the list of recommendations in accordance with the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness. After the publicity of one week, fill in the recommendations The form (see Attachment 2 ) is collected by the junior high school and sent to Rudong Middle School Party and Government Office before January 10 , 2020 , and the registration summary form will be sent to our school by the smart education cloud platform.

Registration Method Ⅱ: Students recommend themselves. 113前寄送到如东中学党政办公室。 Students who do not enter the school recommendation list but have the advantage of mathematics, physics and chemistry can apply by themselves, fill in the self-referral form, and send it to the party and government office of Rudong Middle School before January 13 , 2020 .

㈡Confirmation of eligibility

117日,在我校园网站和微信公众号发布符合报名资格的考生名单。 The admissions leading group of the innovation class of our school will confirm the candidates according to the academic results of the junior high school stage and the results of the mathematical and physical and chemical competitions. On January 17 , 2020 , we will publish the qualified candidates Candidate list.

㈡Selection test

19830前凭带有照片的身份证明(身份证或学生证)到如东中学德馨楼大厅报到,领取准考证,参加选拔测试。 Candidates should report to the lobby of Dexin Building of Rudong Middle School with their photo identification (ID or student ID) before 8:30 on January 19th , receive admission tickets, and participate in the selection test. The specific test schedule is as follows:

Time   between

Test subjects and points

Test Range

test the venue

19日(星期日) Sunday, January 19

9: 00-11: 30

Language (including composition) 120 points

(至初三第一学期期末考试进度) Teaching content of junior high school (up to the final examination of the first semester of the third grade)

Rudong Middle School


14: 00-16: 00

150 points in mathematics

20 January 20


9: 00-11: 00

English (excluding listening) 100 points

14: 00-15: 30

100 points in physics

V. Admission Methods

依照选拔测试总分由高到低,预录取前90名。 1. According to the total score of the selection test from high to low, pre-admission to the top 90 .

若第90名分数相同,则按我校选拔考试的数学成绩由高分到低分录取;若数学成绩仍出现同分,则全部预录取。 2. If the 90th place scores are the same, then the math scores from the selection test of our school are accepted from high to low scores; if the math scores still show the same score, all are pre-accepted.

预录取的学生,由我校在微信公众号发布名单,寄发预录取通知,并向县招生办公室报备,届时集中报名参加中考;中考时A志愿报考我校,加60分投档。 3. For pre-accepted students, our school will publish the list on WeChat public account, send the pre-admission notice, and report to the county admissions office, and then register for the entrance examination at that time; A will apply for our school during the entrance examination and add 60 points to the file.

Six, training mode

预录取的学生,单独编入“创新能力培养试点班”,于20202月进入我校开始高中课程学习;创新人才培养试点班任课教师,由学校招生领导组在全校范围择优选拔。 1. The pre-enrolled students are individually incorporated into the “Innovative Ability Training Pilot Class” and entered our school in February 2020 to start high school courses. Innovative talent training pilot class teachers are selected by the school's admissions leadership group across the school.

拓展人才培训渠道,加强试点班与高校及其他中学的联系,聘请有关专家来班讲学或组织试点班学生外出参观、学习。 2. Expand talent training channels, strengthen the connection between the pilot classes and universities and other middle schools, and hire relevant experts to give lectures or organize pilot class students to visit and study.

进一步加强试点班学生自主学习能力的培养,拓宽知识面,提高学生参加数、理、化、生及信息技术奥赛的能力。 3. To further strengthen the training of pilot students' autonomous learning ability, broaden their knowledge, and improve their ability to participate in mathematical, physical, chemical, biological, and information technology Olympics.

This plan is explained by the Recruitment Leading Group of the Pilot Class for Innovative Talent Training in Jiangsu Rudong Senior Middle School.

Please pay attention to WeChat public account "Rudong High School"         Relevant admissions information will be released by the public account.


Contact: Principal's Office 84199662   Party and government office 84199668   Curriculum and Teaching Office 84199670


                                      Rudong Senior Middle School of Jiangsu Province

                                     1220 December 20 , 2019

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