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Study the "Good Youth in the New Era-Deeds of Chen Guanxing and Sanding Chan"

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年第一批10名“新时代好少年”先进事迹。 The Central Civilization Office, the Ministry of Education, the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the All-China Women's Federation, and the China Customs Work Committee jointly released the first batch of 10 "new age good boys" advanced deeds in Chongqing in 2019 . Our school is actively carrying out activities to learn about the "good deeds of the new age" and selected several "good young deeds of the new age" at the school level. These advanced classics have excellent academic performance and outstanding deeds. They show the young people's patriotism, self-reliance, self-reliance, vigor, and enthusiasm from different aspects. Our school organizes all grades to actively carry out preaching activities to learn "good young deeds in the new era" around them, and organizes writing after reading.


The results of reading "Good Youth Deeds in the New Era"

First grade:

First prize

吴蓉蓉702吴裕石703高源704於子徐705孙思彤706张徐悦708马杨睿 701 Wu Rongrong 702 Wu Yushi 703 Gao Yuan 704 Yu Zixu 705 Sun Sitong 706 Zhang Xuyue 708 Ma Yang Rui

许楚卿710项闻宇711俞沈月714 冯菁迪715易菱 717 李缪琪719康薇 709 Xu Chuqing 710 items Wenyu 711 Yu Shenyue 714 Feng Jingdi 715 Yi Ling 717 Li Miaoqi 719 Kang Wei

高杨721季惟灵721张芯蕊722王晨茜723崔天乐724徐嘉蕊 720 Gao Yang 721 Ji Weiling 721 Zhang Xinrui 722 Wang Chenqian 723 Cui Tianle 724 Xu Jiarui

second prize

金徐蕊702李佳慧703陈阳溢704张缪齐705葛季瑶706樊珠晨707潘何悦 701 Jin Xurui 702 Li Jiahui 703 Chen Yangyi 704 Zhang Miaoqi 705 Ge Jiyao 706 Fan Zhuchen 707 Pan Heyue

王康倩709罗翼张710顾宁桐711吴少为713盛孟杰713张思远 708 Wang Kangqian 709 Luo Yi Zhang 710 Gu Ningtong 711 Wu Shaowei 713 Sheng Mengjie 713 Zhang Siyuan   郑欣雨 714 Zheng Xinyu

顾含蕊719顾佳怡720施祥云722尤金标723 葛玥 715 Gu Hanrui 719 Gu Jiayi 720 Shi Xiangyun 722 Eugene Biao 723 Ge Yan


Second grade

First prize

夏宁807孙诗涵811曹静怡812张恩豪813冯可人819姜雯静820赵管 805 Xia Ning 807 Sun Shihan 811 Cao Jingyi 812 Zhang Enhao 813 Feng Keren 819 Jiang Wenjing 820 Zhao Guan

曹梦婕 822 Cao Mengjie

second prize

陆姿含808 801 Lu Zi contains 808 Chen   张杜宇815薛佳欣816潘昕玥817Qi 810, Zhang Duyu 815, Xue Jiaxin 816, Pan Xin 玥817 %   张晗颖824Cheng 823 Zhang Yanying 824 Wu   Hao

Third prize

朱润杰803 802 Zhu Runjie 803 季佳望806陈陆阳809Zhang Chuyan 804 Ji Jiawang 806 Chen Luyang 809 money   沈亦曹818季思湉821缪孙畅 Shan 814, Shen Yi, Cao, 818, Ji Si, 821, Miao Sun Chang


Third grade

First prize

何顾子晴902蓝思齐903朱施泽905陆芗凝906蔡雨吴907朱清桐908邱子徐 901 He Gu Ziqing 902 Lan Siqi 903 Zhu Shize 905 Lu Yanning 906 Cai Yu Wu 907 Zhu Qingtong 908 Qiu Zixu

朱徐骄扬912顾浦琪916陶佳润918樊仁婕920姚景胡 911 Zhu Xujiao 912 Gu Puqi 916 Tao Jiarun 918 Fan Renjie 920 Yao Jinghu

second prize

严煜周902刘春泥903王徐婧904奚玉905陈张硕906马子涵907杨珂珂 901 Yan Yu Zhou 902 Liu Chunni 903 Wang Xu Jing 904 Jade 905 Chen Zhangshuo 906 Ma Zihan 907 Yang Keke     冒亦舟909张之涵、顾田然910黄灿、缪润琪911刘剑怡912陈管睿 908 Zhang Yihan 909 , Gu Tianran 910 Huang Can, Miao Runqi 911 Liu Jianyi 912 Chen Guanrui

姜傅曦、蒋诗涵914陈张馥莉、符周彤915何冒然、胡姜玥916陈宣融 913 Jiang Fuxi, Jiang Shihan 914 Chen Zhang Yili, Fu Zhoutong 915 He Maran, Hu Jiangye 916 Chen Xuanrong  

周嘉怡、葛陈浩918沙俊尧919蔡宋玉920胡佳闻 917 Zhou Jiayi, Ge Chenhao 918 Sha Junyao 919 Cai Songyu 920 Hu Jiawen


事迹介绍 Introduction of Chen Guanxing

14 班副班长。 Chen Guanxing, Deputy Head of Class 14 of Rudong Experimental Middle School . She respects the teacher, unites her classmates, has excellent morals, and has a wide range of hobbies. She is a good teenager who develops morally, intellectually, physically, beautifully, and laboriously. During his elementary school career, he was repeatedly rated as "Three Good Students", "Excellent Young Reporter", "English Star", etc. In the past two years, he has been awarded "Nantong Outstanding Young Pioneer" through teacher training and his own efforts. , "Jiangsu Good Boy" and other titles.

The ancients said: "If you want to become a talent, you must be an adult." Mingli and trustworthiness is the fundamental principle of life, is the cornerstone of life success. Chen Guanxing is such a well-known and trustworthy student.

Ming Li: There are two cars in her house, but she only bought one underground parking space. At one time, the other car in her family parked on the underground parking space because the parking space on the ground was full. This behavior completely violates the basic ethical code. "This parking space is not my home. How can I park here?" This is her first reaction. After going home, they had a serious and fierce debate with her family. In the end, the family was explained by her childish atmosphere, and she drove the car out of the underground garage overnight. She not only asked her to regulate parking, but also acted as a civilized parking supervisor in the community, reminding and persuading neighbors in the community to regulate parking in a civilized manner, and working together to promote the civilization of the entire community. Little volunteers have realized their own value for the creation of a civilized city in the country and inherited us. The fine traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.

Integrity: I remember that in the sixth grade, sitting behind her was a naughty male student with a less than ideal grade. The teacher asked her to bring the student with her. She said nothing and agreed. No matter how busy she is and how nervous she is, she always takes the time to help him with his homework, make friends with him, and enthusiastically help him with his thoughts and studies. Some good female classmates advised her: non-parents, if you help him this way, your study time is not enough, and your grades will be affected. Chen Guanxing said with a smile: "I promised the teacher, I can't say anything without words, and let it go halfway." Her efforts were not in vain, because of her care and help, the male student improved, and was deeply convinced by her trustworthy qualities. 这是老师对她最高的嘉奖。 "You work, I'm assured!" This is the teacher's highest praise to her.

There are many things that Ms. Chen Guanxing can tell. For example, she is a "girlfriend" of many female students and a "good buddy" of many male students. Another example is that although she is a girl, her ideal is to be a real Republic soldiers.

A young man is a strong country. Chen Guanxing has always demanded himself by the standards of a good young man in the new era, and strives to be a good young man in a new era. We believe that this bright, diligent, hard-working, caring, and comprehensive development sunshine girl For the soldier's dream in my heart, I will definitely use my own hard work and hard work to leave my own mark on the journey of this great Chinese dream!


Diligent thinking   Full of love

——Introduction to Sanding's Deeds

807 班班长。 Sanding Ye, class leader of Rudong County Experimental Middle School 807 . She is a gifted scholar, versatile, and a caring "Public Welfare".

She has good academics and pursues progress

For learning, she has a clear purpose and a correct attitude, and has a strong initiative and enthusiasm for learning. Since entering the experimental middle school, the examination results have been among the best. From the first grade to the present, the school has been rated as a "three good students" every year. 2016 年被评为“江苏好少年”。 In recent years, it has repeatedly been rated as "Outstanding Young Pioneer" and "Outstanding Student Cadre" by the county. In 2016 , it was rated as "Jiangsu Good Boy".

She has a wide range of hobbies and versatility

Under the influence of the school's multiple development education environment, she has a wide range of interests. She loves sports. She has won first prizes many times in sports activities such as shuttlecocks, rope skipping, running, and long jumps organized by schools and towns. As the main force of the school volleyball team, she has participated in the Nantong Children's Volleyball Competition and won first and second prizes. She loves to participate in cultural activities, and she has already obtained the Hulusi Grade 10 certificate in her first grade and passed the Guzheng grade 10 exam in her third grade. In recent years, he has participated in national youth art festivals, city and county children's talent competitions, city and county "three independence" competitions, etc., in the field of gourd silk, guzheng, dance, painting, calligraphy, pottery, computer production, handwriting, speech All achieved good results. She loves reading and writing, and her small bookcase is full of books. In recent years, he has participated in various essay contests and won more than 20 awards. His works including "Journey to Happiness", "Waiting", and "I am honored to be a young reporter" have been included in "Jiangsu Education News" and "Rudong Daily". Other newspapers and magazines were rated as "Excellent Young Journalists" by Rudong Daily.

She loves public welfare and is caring

益起来”爱心义卖活动,自此深深埋下参加公益活动的种子。 In the second grade, under the influence of his mother, he participated in the "Wei Ai Yi Yi" love charity sale, and since then he has deeply buried the seeds of participating in public welfare activities. Every year, I go to Yiyang Welfare Home to participate in voluntary volunteer services, chat with the elderly, perform shows for them, help them clean up, and send warmth and happiness to the elderly. During the volunteer service activities such as participating in the county “Jianghai Volunteer” service team, “Rudong County Square Dance Competition”, “Zang Xiwen Scholarship Fund Launching Ceremony”, “Love in Runaway, Linking Hands”, she often saw her busy figure. She initiated the establishment of a class volunteer volunteer service team, and established a mutual assistance group with the children of Yifu Special School. She often uses holidays to go to the fellow Xu family to carry out pairing activities, bring him toys, accompany him to paint, and chat with him. Playing, gradually melting his autistic heart. Driven by her influence, many parents and classmates in the class joined the service team one after another. She firmly believes: As long as the little love of each of us is united, it will be able to converge into a big love with tremendous energy!

This is Sandin, a child with a caring heart and a versatile, sunny child. She has shown the good looks of a good young man in the new era with her words and deeds.



Excellent reading after reading:


Fasten the first button of your life, make a good young man in the new era

Rudong Experimental Middle School Class 901   He Gu Ziqing

"Closing the first button in life" is the deep encouragement and affectionate trust of General Secretary Xi Jinping to the young students in the new era, which fully reflects the ardent expectations of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Striving to be a good boy in the new era is not how great we want to do, save every drop of water, cherish every kilowatt-hour, take every class, and do every homework ...

To be a good young man in the new era, to be the inheritor of the red gene, shoulder the historical mission of inheriting the red gene, hold the baton, and continue to write a new chapter with youth, vigor, wisdom and courage. There is a country and a home, and there is a family and you and me. Now we are in the era of peace and the motherland is getting richer and stronger. Therefore, we should work harder to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Patriotism is implemented into every little thing around. 的桑丁翊同学,在她心里就种着一颗公益的种子,她每年都会到福利院参加爱心志愿服务,她还发起成立了班级爱心志愿服务小分队,和逸夫特殊学校建立互助小组,开展结对帮扶。 Just like Sun Dingyu, a student of Experimental Middle School 807 , she planted a seed of public welfare in her heart. She attends the voluntary service at the orphanage every year. She also initiated the establishment of a class volunteer service team and the establishment of Yifu Special School. Mutual assistance groups to carry out pairing assistance. Her words and deeds show the good looks of a good young man in the new era.

To be a good young man in the new era, to be an advocate of outstanding traditional culture, to further strengthen the study of excellent traditional culture, to master the moral concepts and ethical norms carried by the excellent Chinese traditional culture, and to learn to use these concepts and norms to judge the value of right and wrong. Understand the essentials, apply what you have learned, and actively spread and promote in actual learning and life, while constantly regulating your own words and deeds while continuously enhancing the social influence of excellent traditional culture; be a model practitioner of the core values of socialism. Strive to implement the core values of socialism, carry forward the national spirit and the spirit of the times, strive to be a "good young man in the new era," and strive to build a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful socialist modernized country.

"If you are rich, you are rich, and when you are strong, you are strong." We are the hope of the future nation of the motherland, the flower of the motherland, and the hope of the Chinese nation in the future. As a boy, we are at a stage where we form good habits and have good morals. Students, let's take action to do every little thing around us, and work hard to be a good boy in the new era!


Writing youthful brushwork, writing a wonderful life

学习新时代好少年心得 --Learning from young people in the new era

906 蔡雨吴 Rudong County Experimental Middle School Class 906 Cai Yuwu

Zi said: "Three people must have my teacher: choose what is good and follow it, and those who are not good will change it." I have learned the deeds of two young boys in the new era, Sanding Chan and Chen Guanxing.

Pursue progress and be diligent . To deal with learning, we must have a clear purpose, a correct attitude, a strong initiative and enthusiasm for learning, and a suitable learning method. 、学习需要目标和计划,想使理想最终得以实现,需要不断为自己设定具体的目标。 1. Learning requires goals and plans. To make your dreams come true, you need to constantly set specific goals for yourself. 2 、学习要刻苦,刻苦学习的人脚踏实地,这样做的好处会慢慢显现出来。 Examine ourselves daily to find the gap with the goals, and we will get motivation from it.2 Study hard, and those who study hard will be down to earth. It will bring the stability of performance, which in turn will bring better psychological quality. 、学习需要兴趣,如果我们对自己所必须学习的东西不感兴趣,那么我们将会极为痛苦。 3. Learning requires interest. If we are not interested in what we must learn, then we will be extremely distressed. Rather than living in distress every day, it is better to take the initiative to cultivate interest in what you have learned. In doing so, we will gradually feel easier to learn.

Respect for virtue and love for public welfare. As Sang Dingjun did, he attended the Yiyang Welfare Home to participate in voluntary volunteer services, chat with the elderly, perform shows for them, help them clean up, and send warmth and happiness to the elderly. Participate in volunteer service activities such as the "Jianghai Volunteer" service team, "Rudong County Square Dance Competition", "Zang Xiwen Scholarship Fund Launching Ceremony", "Love Runs With Your Husband, Connect Your Hands", etc. Social behavior, physical practice, the implementation of core socialist values, brave social responsibilities, and full of positive energy.

! I believe that learning these two outstanding qualities and putting them into practice, taking dreams as horses, and living up to Shaohua, we will certainly be able to use our youthful pen and ink to write a wonderful life !


Learn from the story of "Good Youth in the New Era"

班张恩豪 Rudong County Experimental Middle School Class 812 Zhang Enhao

班班长。 Sanding Chan, she is the monitor of class 807 in Rudong Experimental Middle School. She is a good student, versatile, and caring. She is a good young man in the new era and an example for us to learn!

To be a good teenager in the new era, we must love to learn

Sanding Chan, from the first grade to the present, has been rated as the "Three Good Students" by the school every year. 年被评为“江苏好少年”。 In recent years, it has repeatedly been rated as "Outstanding Young Pioneer" and "Outstanding Student Cadre" by the county. We have to love learning like Sandin's. The ancients said: "Shushan has roads and roads, and learning is boundless." The road to knowledge is difficult and bumpy. Let us cherish time, grasp the present, and study hard Scientific and cultural knowledge, watering the flower of hope with blood and sweat. As a second year student, I worked hard to make preparations before class, review the past and learn new things after class, keep improving, and learn the ability to seek for innovation.

To be a good young man in a new era, we must develop a wide range of interests and comprehensive development

By studying Sanding's deeds, I realized that we not only need to learn cultural knowledge, but also have more hobbies to enable our moral, intellectual, and physical development.

,多读书,就像一块干燥的海绵不停地汲取着、学习着,让自己成为一个多才多艺、全面发展的中学生,像羽翼渐丰的小鸟一样快乐地成长着、翱翔着…… On campus, we must actively participate in various extra-curricular activities organized by the school, love sports , and read more books, just like a dry sponge constantly learning and learning, so that we can become a versatile and comprehensively developed middle school student, like a wing gradually Feng's little bird grew up and soared happily ...

To be a good teenager in the new era, we must care for others and warm the society

Sanding Chan often participates in charity bazaars, because she firmly believes that as long as the little love of each of us is united, it will be able to converge into a great love with great energy!As a new era, we must unite together, help the poor and help the poor, give our love and warmth to those in need, fill them with sunshine and feel the warmth of the community, and let us sing together, Give a little love and the world will become a beautiful world ... "

"If you are rich, you are rich, and when you are strong, you are strong." We are the future of the motherland and the hope of the Chinese nation. The young age is the stage when we form good habits and have good morals. Let us act, do every little thing around us, and work hard to be a good young man in the new era!

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