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Inspiration from nature

[Date: 2020-01-06] [Font: large medium small ]

Spring sprouts grow day by day. When my thoughts were still on the small young leaf, the young leaf was growing into a full green leaf when I didn't notice it.

I am amazed by the rapid change in nature, which is constantly moving, growing, and changing. —— 在和风与阳光孕育的大自然中,时时刻刻涌现着无穷的生命力。 From a green leaf, it seems that the life emanating from the heart of the earth is overflowing . In the nature bred by the wind and sunlight, infinite vitality is constantly emerging.


Little white flowers, quietly withstanding the wind and rain. I don't know what the flower was, but in the continuous rain falling in Lili, it was shining brightly. Drops of raindrops quietly rolled down from the tips of the green leaves. The delicate and loving flower posture suddenly gave people a feeling of relaxation.

Let it rain when it rains, and let it blow when the wind blows. The petals soak in the rain and tremble. Although its roots are small, it is firmly entangled in the ground.

When it rains, let it fall, and when the wind blows, it will always stop. When the wind and rain stop, Xiao Baihua still looks up proudly. After wind and rain and baptism, the petals of the small white flower become whiter and the green leaves are more vivid. It still blooms resolutely.

The bird agitated its wings and flew towards the sky, not knowing where to go, until the small body flew out of sight.

When the rain stopped, it flapped its weak wings, opened its throat, and the sound of birds echoed in the air.

Let it rain when it rains, and let it blow when the wind blows. Flowers and birds that depend on nature. When we look back at the way humans live in this dwelling, maybe we should emulate small flowers and birds. That is a harmonious pace that complements nature.


The icy earth gradually regained its anger, and the pond water gradually warmed. Spring will rise slowly from the earth.

When a person stands by the pool, it seems to be bathed in the aroma of young leaves; the water surface is silent, and the skylarks sing.

扑通 一声投入水中,也有人轻轻地将石子扔进水里。 Someone forcefully pounced the stones into the water, while others gently threw the stones into the water. The stone bounced on the water for a couple of times, and then sank into the water without a trace; gradually, as the person walked away, his voice disappeared.

No matter what kind of sound is heard on the water surface, what kind of stones are cast, what kind of sound will be made. ? Facing the various people and various voices at the poolside, who quietly left afterwards with the poet's feelings and feelings ?

When the people went, the pool seemed more peaceful. —— 池静波平,辉映着池边的嫩叶。 Only then realized that all kinds of stones of different sizes will sound different sounds, and these sounds will give people different feelings - Chi Jingboping, reflecting the tender leaves by the pool.

In this turbulent and hurried world, sometimes, we need to stand quietly by the pool, just listen to the sound of the pool.


Clouds, fast and slow, big and small, white and light, high and low, did not maintain the same appearance for a moment.

It seems to be collapsing and disintegrating, but not like disintegrating and disintegrating; the clouds that change momentarily and instantaneously drift through the dark blue summer sky with various postures.

The change of clouds is just like the heart of man and the fate of man. People's hearts also change every day, so people's encounters are different from yesterday.

Weaving into a life of all kinds of light and darkness, the unpredictable life and fate of every minute, can not help but make people happy and sigh.

Either joy or sorrow, life seems to flow, changing and changing all the time, without stopping for a moment.

If a person's mind has a regular search, even if he is disturbed from time to time, it will eventually make people feel at ease.

Therefore, even if you are happy, you don't need to be complacent; If everyone can maintain a frank and humble mind, and work seriously and responsibly in their own job positions, they will definitely appreciate the infinite interest in that long life.


In the journey of life, from time to time interspersed with the ups and downs of the mountains and mountains, sometimes the wind and rain beat, and it is difficult to work; sometimes the rain is sunny, the birds are fragrant. I always hope to rejuvenate, overcome difficulties, and continue to move forward.

On that hill, a new hope for life is bred.

(Author: [Japan] Matsushita   1991 年第 3 From Reader , Issue 3, 1991   Qian Xu recommended)

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