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How can children prevent new coronavirus?

[Date: 2020-02-10] [Font: large medium small ]

In fact, this pneumonia is not as exaggerated as everyone thinks, but in order to prevent infection, doctors still recommend that you take protective measures. For children, the protection level is higher. In the cold winter, children's resistance is biased, and they are easily infected with the virus. Winter was a period of high incidence of influenza, but this year is particularly different. Wuhan has a new type of coronavirus that caused pneumonia, causing panic. The Chinese New Year is heartbroken.

There is no particularly good treatment for this virus, but experts pointed out that 70% can be effectively treated at the beginning of the onset, and many patients can also isolate themselves at home and heal themselves by autoimmunity. For children, they usually like to play with various items, especially if they forget to wash their hands after playing, or if they do not develop the habit of washing their hands, they may get infected.

First we need to know what a coronavirus is! Coronaviruses were isolated in 1965, but their current understanding is quite limited. Neutralizing antibodies can be detected in 50% of children aged 5 to 9 years, and 70% of adults are positive for neutralizing antibodies. Rhinovirus was discovered in the 1950s. Rhinovirus was first associated with colds, but only about 50% of colds are caused by rhinoviruses. This type of virus has an addictive nature of the gastrointestinal, respiratory and nervous systems. Coronavirus infections in children are not common.

How can I prevent my child from getting infected? Parents should keep these 5 points in mind:

1. Wear a mask when going out. Appear in public places, you must remember to bring, especially N95 masks, can effectively protect the virus from spreading, and it is also very effective for protecting children.

2. Public places are not crowded. The spread of the disease is particularly active in the crowd. One person who is sick can cause multiple infections. Experts have clearly pointed out that there are people who pass on people. Therefore, it is recommended that during the Spring Festival, keep away from relatives and do not gather to play, no matter which city you are in. You cannot predict whether there is a mass from Wuhan nearby. So still reduce contact!

3. Don't eat game. Many experts have demonstrated that the spread of the virus may originate from bats. Bats usually have a body temperature of 40 degrees, and our body temperature can not reach forty degrees without fever. However, the virus on the bat, or coexist with the bat itself, if you eat some game and have been exposed to or infected with the bat and spread, sometimes even cooked game should try not to eat it.

4. Try not to keep pets. The lonely people in the city, or the so-called caring people, like to raise small animals, but there are also some young people who like to raise some weird animals. Some even secretly buy them from abroad and raise them. This is extremely dangerous. Small Animals carry some viruses and bacteria, and children like small animals and are easily infected. Parents of all responsible persons must refuse, and try to reduce the number of children to the poultry market and to zoos and other places.

5. Pay attention to your own health and seek medical attention immediately if you are unwell. The virus has a certain incubation period. The pneumonia caused by the coronavirus has some obvious symptoms, but some of them are not obvious, so it is not necessary to have fever. Therefore, you should drink more water and eat less meat recently. If there is a fever in your home, whether it is an adult or a child, be sure to isolate yourself immediately and see a doctor. Avoid compromising the best timing for treatment.

Today's news experts share several methods, which are very effective ways to kill the virus and reduce the chance of virus infection.

Method one: Disinfect hands with alcohol. The new coronavirus is actually afraid of high temperature and can be disinfected with alcohol. The first thing to do when going home from the outside is disinfection. The specific method is to wash it with soapy water and carefully wash it. After washing, use alcohol. disinfection.

Method 2: Use 84 disinfectant to disinfect the living environment and the floor. 84 disinfectant and other chlorine-containing disinfectants can still kill the virus. In addition, for example: new clean ears, peroxy and hydrogen. Experts believe that 84 disinfectant is simple and easy to obtain for ordinary families, and it is also economical, so everyone may wish to consider it.

All in all, before this crisis of influenza virus and new coronavirus is not resolved, please take this matter of disinfection seriously and protect yourself! (Zhu Zongqun recommended)

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