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How to prevent adolescents from Internet addiction in the epidemic

[Date: 2020-02-12] [Font: large medium small ]

Recently, the education authority issued a notice of postponement of school opening. Children are forced to stay at home, and the Internet can easily become the biggest pastime for homesteaders. problem.

网络成瘾 概念最早由国外学者Goldberg提出,其后诸多研究证实了这一现象的存在。 The concept of " Internet addiction " was first proposed by Goldberg , a foreign scholar, and many subsequent studies have confirmed the existence of this phenomenon. 青少年网络成瘾量表 简单易操作,可供大家自行评估一下自家孩子是否已存在“网络成瘾”。 The domestic Internet addiction scale compiled by domestic scholar Cui Lijuan is simple and easy to operate, allowing you to evaluate whether your child has "Internet addiction".

Adolescent Internet Addiction Scale

、通过逐次增加上网时间获得满足感。 1. Gain satisfaction by successively increasing Internet time.

、经常不能抵制上网的诱惑,一旦上网很难下来。 2 , often can not resist the temptation to go online, once the Internet is difficult to get down.

、下网后总难以忘记上网时所浏览的网页、聊天的内容等等。 3. After going offline, it is always difficult to forget the webpages, chat contents, etc. that you browsed while surfing the Internet.

、不上网的时候会很难过,并想方设法寻求上网的机会。 4. I will be sad when I am not online, and I will try to find opportunities for online.

、停止使用互联网时会产生消极的情绪体验如失落感和不良的生理反应。 5. When you stop using the Internet, you will have negative emotional experiences such as feeling of loss and adverse physiological reactions.

、每次上网实际所花的时间都比原定时间要长。 6 , the actual time spent on the Internet each time is longer than originally scheduled.

、为了上网而放弃或减少了重要的娱乐活动、人际交往等等。 7 , to give up or reduce important entertainment activities, interpersonal communication, etc. in order to go online.

、有时候,为了上网而放弃了学习和上课。 8. Sometimes I give up studying and attending classes in order to get online.

、对家人朋友和心理咨询人员隐瞒了上网的真实时间和费用。 9. Concealed the real time and cost of surfing the Internet from family, friends and counselors.

、将上网作为逃避问题和排遣消极情绪的一种方式。 10. Use the Internet as a way to avoid problems and expel negative emotions.

、总嫌上网时间太少,不能满足要求。 11 , I always suspect that the Internet time is too small to meet the requirements.

、长期希望或经过多次努力减少上网时间,但未成功。 12 , long-term hope or after repeated efforts to reduce Internet access time, but unsuccessful.

个问项都给予了肯定回答,一般即认为有较强的“网络成瘾”倾向,需给予足够重视,必要时可寻求专业人士。 When referring to the above questions for self-assessment or parental assessment, if you answer yes to 8 of these questions, it is generally considered that there is a strong "Internet addiction" tendency, which needs to be given sufficient attention, and professionals may be sought if necessary. .

Most scholars believe that adolescents 'own emotional management, family intimacy, and adolescents' evaluation of parents and so on all greatly affect the formation of Internet addiction. 注意 Teacher Zeng Qifeng also believes that when looking at the problem of "Internet addiction", we should pay attention to :

、不把孩子上网过多看成是一种疾病,而将其视为成长的和关系的问题。 1. Don't regard your child's internet too much as a disease, but treat it as a growth and relationship problem.

、不将问题的原因归结为电脑、游戏和网络,把问题推向外界,是相关人员推卸责任的表现。 2. Do not attribute the cause of the problem to computers, games, and the Internet. Pushing the problem to the outside world is a manifestation of the responsibilities of relevant personnel. The network is a neutral and objective existence, and it does not necessarily create problems by itself.

、干预的重点不应放在孩子个人身上,而放在父母与孩子的关系上。 3. The focus of the intervention should not be on the individual child, but on the relationship between the parent and the child.

Therefore, to avoid “Internet addiction”, we should provide the whole family with no work for children. We have the following suggestions:

Personal education is more important than words, parents use the Internet reasonably, and become an adult with control

First, when not working, parents put down their mobile phones, cultivate a variety of hobbies, reading, painting, calligraphy, sports, etc., and insist on forming habits to let children see the beautiful world outside the Internet.

Second, strengthen communication and increase children's recognition of their parents. Parents can share their experience of work and social interactions with their children and discuss their views on social hotspots, so that children can have the opportunity to understand the little bit of parents outside the family and build a good image of parents in their children's hearts.

Warm parent-child relationship is a strong enemy of "Internet addiction", be a gentle and firm parent

A good family environment has a protective effect on young people. A warm emotional atmosphere and a relaxed communication environment can help them survive the epidemic more smoothly and promote better psychological adaptation, thereby avoiding problem behaviors such as Internet addiction. For this we need:

、通过合作方式来解决夫妻之间的分歧、避免在孩子面前无效的争吵,冲突发生时,切勿将孩子卷入其中; 1. Resolve differences between husband and wife through cooperation, avoid invalid quarrels in front of children, and do not involve children in conflicts;

、在家中形成民主、平等的沟通氛围,家有青少年的家庭,家中的大小事情尽量通过家庭会议做出决策。 2. Form a democratic and equal communication atmosphere at home. There are families with teenagers at home. As far as possible, family matters are made through family meetings to make decisions.

、决策过程要民主,但决策的执行要坚定,帮助孩子养成敬畏心、善于守底线。 3. The decision-making process must be democratic, but the implementation of decision-making must be firm, to help children develop awe and be good at keeping the bottom line.

Parents and children learn related scientific knowledge together and become a smart family with hard work and strength

Parents and children learn related scientific knowledge together and become a smart family with hard work and strength.

对于 年龄较大 的孩子,可以考虑学习认知疗法: 1. For older children, consider learning cognitive therapy:

Cognitive therapy

重新认识成瘾的严重危害。 ① Cognitive Reconstruction: Changing firm and stubborn irrational beliefs, such as: I just can't control myself, etc. , and re-understand the serious harm of addiction.

让“理想自我”与“现实自我”进行辩论。 ② Self-debate: Imagine the extreme consequences of your addiction and let the "ideal self" and the "real self" debate.

③ Self-suggestion: When you have a non-essential idea of surfing the Internet repeatedly, you can also hint yourself that you can succeed in your heart.

时刻提醒自己,尤其在网瘾发作时。 ④Remind yourself: arrange the advantages and disadvantages of surfing the Internet on a symmetrical piece of paper or make a card , and remind yourself at all times , especially when an Internet addiction occurs.


对于 年龄较小 的孩子,可以考虑实行行为疗法: 2. For younger children, behavioral therapy may be considered :

Behavior therapy

① Act of strengthening law: Give certain praise, reward or criticism, punishment according to the progress of daily quitting the net.

② Act of Contract Law: Parents and children negotiate and sign a behavioral contract of quitting the net. The child is the observant, and the parent is the enforcer of the contract.

③ Behavior regression method: In addition to the necessary online learning, actively look for alternative activities such as: reading books, helping parents with housework, physical exercise, etc., reducing dependence on the Internet to cope with negative emotions such as anxiety and depression at home .

可采用规范生活法、计划时间表法、 日记法等。 ④Self-management method: Encourage children to manage themselves . Standard living method, planned timetable method, diary method, etc. can be adopted.


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