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Wuhan epidemic situation, you must learn these four courses

[Date: 2020-02-14] [Font: large medium small ]

Everything will pass, but nothing will be forgotten.

This Spring Festival is bound to become an indelible memory.

The joy of leaving the old and welcoming the new, seems to be replaced by the tense atmosphere of the whole people overnight.

同学 ,也许你还不能完全理解这一切意味着什么,正如我也无从感受正处于疫情中心的人们在经历着什么。 Dear classmates , maybe you still don't fully understand what all this means, just as I can't feel what the people at the center of the epidemic are going through.

Because what happened today has exceeded our cognition and even exceeded our imagination.

Believe that all efforts will not be wasted, believe that there will be a gloomy moment, and believe that the bright sunshine and fresh air still belong to everyone.

In addition to believing, what we need more is learning.

Crisis is also an opportunity. Life is homework.

我们需要学习的第一课 —— 生命 First, the first lesson we need to learn - life

Everyone knows that life is precious, but they regret not cherishing it only when they are about to lose it.

So what is cherishing life?

“时间就是生命”,生命是由无数个微小的瞬间组成的,珍惜生命则在于无数个细微的行为。 We all know that "time is life", life is composed of countless tiny moments, and cherishing life lies in countless subtle actions.

So, do we develop healthy habits?

——戴口罩,勤洗手,远离人群密集的场所;饮食——尽量清淡少油腻、按时吃饭、少吃零食、忌暴饮暴食;作息——早睡早起不熬夜,少玩手机多运动...... Hygiene -wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and stay away from crowded places; diet-try to be light and less greasy, eat on time, eat less snacks, avoid overeating; work and rest-go to bed early and get up early without staying up late, play mobile phones and exercise more. .....

How many have you done? How many did your family do? How do you change? How can you change your family?

“乘虚而入”。 There is an idiom called "Changing in the Void".

The first thing the disease attacks is people with poor immune systems.

We can't predict the ravages we might encounter, but what we can do is make ourselves healthy and strong.

我们需要学习的第二课 —— 公民 Second lesson we need to learn - citizens

No one can live alone, even Robinson drifting on the desert island needs Friday's company.

We have many identities. At home you are a child, at school you are a student, and for the country you are a citizen.

What does citizen mean?

Citizenship means that you have not only nationality, but also rights and obligations.

For students, one of the most important rights is the right to education. One of the most important obligations is to respect the rights of others by observing public order.

So, is it the citizen's job to make noisy noises in public places?

......那么,情况会不会不至于如此严重? Take the spread of this epidemic as an example. If everyone is thinking not only of themselves but also of others, wear a mask and isolate them consciously; if everyone is highly concerned about the openness and transparency of the epidemic, everyone will remind and support ... So, isn't the situation so serious?

看到过很多缺乏公民意识的大人,也看到过很多缺乏公民意识的孩子。 We have seen many adults who lack citizenship, and many children who lack citizenship.

If a country wants to be strong, it does not rely on the loudness of slogans, nor the sacrifices of individual heroes.

Instead, the efforts of every citizen start with cleanliness.

我们需要学习的第三课 —— 敬畏 Third lesson we need to learn - awe

Where did the virus come from? At present, there is no authoritative explanation for reaching consensus. Perhaps you are interested in biological research, and you will come up with breakthrough academic results in the future. For SARS seventeen years ago and this new type of pneumonia, the consensus of experts is that it is related to human consumption of wild animals.

——欲望,使人疯狂。 On the surface, this is the result of human greed -desire, which drives people crazy. However, fundamentally, what makes people crazy is not desire, but pride.

——岂止是“吃”的底线? Pride makes people lose their awe, so much that they break the bottom line again and again -more than the bottom line of "eating"? Looking at it, isn't it because of pride in plundering nature or harming similar people? Pride, thinking that you can do everything, thinking that you can't be defeated, thinking that you can override all laws.

“无所畏惧”,而是“有所作为”。 Real bravery is not "fearless", but "something to do."

“无所畏惧”。 Just as in this war of invisible smoke, those who make fun of their own lives and the health of others are shameless "fearless." But those who know the severe test they are about to face are still brave enough to make a difference.

我们要学的第四课 —— 使命 Fourth, the fourth lesson we want to learn - mission

Doctors are a great profession in their own right, not to mention during such an extraordinary period.

Wearing heavy protective clothing, they are highly vigilant and take good care of themselves. They often work more than ten hours in a row, can't eat a bite of food, can't drink a bite of water, are exhausted, and still clenched their teeth. And the hard work is not terrible. What is terrible is that these white-line angels who are on the front line always face the risk of being infected, and they may fall all the time. For example, the Union Medical College Hospital affiliated to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 14 medical staff were infected due to contact with a confirmed patient. “我们也是普通人,也有对死亡的恐惧。但是既然干了这一行,这就是我们的责任。在病人面前,我们就得做好自己的事情。我认为医生不能说特别伟大,也不是特别高尚,但至少是比较勇敢的职业。在这样一种艰难的时刻,作为医护人员我必须得在一线,同时也值得被人尊敬。” A nurse said in an interview: "We are ordinary people and we have a fear of death. But now that we have done this, this is our responsibility. In the presence of patients, we have to do our own thing. I don't think doctors can be said to be particularly great or noble, but at least they are brave occupations. At such a difficult time, as a medical staff, I must be on the front line and deserve respect.

The reason why this world is beautiful is precisely because of these people who refuse to shrink back.

They see their struggle as a mission.

——在困境之中,你们会学到更多。 Dear students, you are at the carefree age, but you might as well think about it -you will learn more in difficult situations.

Everything will pass, but nothing will be forgotten, nor should it be forgotten.

平安,更愿你 有所思,有所悟,有所行动,愿你 在这个新年中真的长大。 I wish you peace, and I wish you some thought, some realization, some action, and I hope you will really grow up in this New Year.


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