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What should primary and secondary school students do at home during the epidemic?

[Date: 2020-02-22] [Font: large medium small ]

This year's Spring Festival holiday, classmates' lives were disrupted by a sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia, a carefully planned travel plan was forced to adjust, long-awaited family and friends gatherings were regretfully cancelled, and even the most basic outdoor activities on weekdays became Expectations. The classmates all received notice of the postponement of the school. They can only stay at home to study and live for a while. This series of changes may make them feel uncomfortable for a while. In this extraordinary period, I hope that students can maintain an optimistic attitude, face the epidemic scientifically, actively respond to difficulties, and make themselves stronger, braver, and grow and progress! To this end, the Mental Health Education Expert Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education made the following recommendations for all primary and secondary schools to study at home during the epidemic:

Recommendation 1: Maintain a healthy lifestyle and do a good job of personal hygiene. During the epidemic, follow the principles of less going out, wearing a mask, and washing your hands frequently, take the initiative to isolate, and keep individuals and homes clean. It is necessary to maintain the regular pattern of rest and rest, ensure sleep time, reasonable diet and balanced nutrition, and enhance one's immunity and antiviral ability.

Proposal 2: Facing emotions calmly, understanding and accepting negative emotions. Under the pressure of the epidemic, students may experience various negative emotions such as anxiety, panic, anger, and irritability. This is the normal psychological response of the human face to the stressful event, and it is the embodiment of the body's self-protection. The more easily dominated by emotions. In the face of negative emotions, students need not be overly sensitive and nervous, nor need to deny their feelings, and actively understand and accept the existence of negative emotions in order to better regulate.

Recommendation 3: Scientifically view the prevention and control of the epidemic and learn how to adjust emotions. Understand epidemic prevention information, relevant scientific knowledge, and epidemic prevention and control measures through official channels, and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work to ensure that no rumors are spread. Learn some simple psychological adjustment methods, such as "deep breathing relaxation" and "muscle relaxation" to maintain emotional stability. You can also use sports, music, and talk to divert attention and increase positive experiences.

Recommendation 4: Develop indoor exercise activities to maintain good physical condition. According to your own interests and living conditions, you can choose an activity mode and carry out indoor sports for about 1 hour every day, such as performing push-ups, sit-ups, flat supports, and can also perform aerobics, turn hula hoop, and shuttlecock. Appropriate exercise can not only eliminate fatigue, increase blood oxygen content in the brain, but also promote brain activity, which is both fitness and pleasant.

Recommendation 5: Close interaction with friends and relatives, so that isolation and isolation. At home, you can use online communication platforms such as phone, text message, and WeChat to communicate with classmates and keep in touch with relatives and friends. Mutual encouragement and support can not only reduce loneliness, but also increase confidence in fighting the epidemic and enhance mutual friendship.

Recommendation 6: Cultivate new interests and hobbies, and enrich life. Students can list things that they always want to do but do n’t have time to do, such as cooking, learning musical instruments, painting, reading, raising plants, etc., make a "wish list", and check the wishes that can be realized at home according to priority Develop healthy hobbies. According to the recommendations of parents and teachers, you can choose suitable extracurricular reading materials, video resources, TV programs, etc., and use the online platform to swim in the ocean of knowledge, so that the holiday at home can be a good time to store knowledge.

Recommendation 7: Control the use time of electronic products to achieve reasonableness. Under the guidance of parents, students can use electronic products such as mobile phones appropriately, but not for too long or affecting normal work and rest. You can work with your parents to determine the time and duration of the daily mobile phone and internet use by both parties, and follow the rules you set, starting from each day.

Recommendation 8: Actively communicate with parents and do chores within their ability. Students can take advantage of the opportunity to prevent epidemics at home and communicate with their parents. While fully expressing their feelings and needs, they also actively understand and support their parents, and improve their relationship with their parents through appropriate means. Take the initiative to do some household chores such as cleaning, room cleaning, laundry and cooking, etc., to improve their self-care ability and labor skills, and help parents reduce the burden.

Recommendation 9: Follow the school and teacher's arrangements to adapt to the home learning environment. During the delayed start, students can study at home according to the school's arrangements through online courses, aerial classes, etc., and take this opportunity to improve their self-learning management ability. You can learn time management methods through the Internet and other ways. You can also find the feeling of having a class in class by setting the "Class Bell" and "Class Bell". You can also study with your classmates, and supervise each other to make progress together.

Recommendation 10: Learn typical characters and deeds to enhance positive mental energy. In this epidemic prevention and control battle, countless workers in various industries have sacrificed their rest time, given up the opportunity to reunite with their families, risking being infected, staying in their posts and guarding silently Everyone's safety. Students should learn the great spirit of the country ’s people and the people to fight against the epidemic under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, and constantly strengthen the true feelings of loving the party, the country, the people, and socialism, and understanding the meaning of life, and cherishing a better life.

classmates! Let's join hands and greet the day of spring blossoming together! (Forward)

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