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800 meters of youth

[Date: 2017-03-29] Class: 725 Class Author: Zhou Jia Ho [Font: large medium small ]

800-meter sports test——

It was early spring, but there was still a bit of chill. In the afternoon orange, and it seemed to have a bit of sweet and sour sunshine, we faded out of heavy winter clothes and quietly in front of the red and white runway line, Biding forward, ready to go.

The whistle sounded shortly in the ear, and the note-like footprints successively dropped on the ground, playing a beautiful and romantic movement. The old house with red tiles and white walls surrounding the playground, drilled out of some green grass-pointed land, and the old man walking leisurely, little by little from the front to the back of my head, leaving a trace of beauty in my heart And the feeling of pride.

在操场上久久的回转,印刻下我们共同走过的青葱岁月。 Most of the laps passed, I heard the sound of books in the classroom, the shouting of sweat on the court, the shallow laughter and words ... the long turn in the playground, engraved by what we walked together Shallots years.

渐感疲累,腿脚像是成了铁制的一般,分外沉重。 A lap and a half ... gradually getting tired, legs and feet seemed to be made of iron, especially heavy. My eyes seemed blurry, and I saw the large light blue above my head and the red and white that almost merged under my feet, but I still have time, hope and dreams! Slowing down at this moment is tantamount to giving in to fate when you have the best chance! My heart rekindled the warm fire, and after quickly adjusting my breathing, I tried my best to saturate the whole body. It seemed that all the energy accumulated in the past 14 years had burst out, struggling to make the final sprint.

The hustle and bustle of happiness on the playground, all the figures in front and behind, everything seems to disappear in silence, leaving only the road under the foot that countless people have walked and ran, and the eyes become clear Finish line.


Jump over!

I can't remember my place, but I firmly remember in my heart the bright smiles of friends who walked side by side after the end.

So, let's run, laugh, and run towards the long-awaited tomorrow with our green, but most beautiful posture!


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